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Lucille Walls July 24, 1960 - March 19, 2015

Lu and her beloved husband Andrew, up close
 RantWoman hereby collects a number of items off facebook for readers who might know Lucille Walls and not be on Facebook to bask in the wamrth gushing forth from online remembrances
From Lu's sister Charlotte:
Lucille G. Walls July 24, 1963 (s0c) - March 19, 2015. The world has lost a shining star who lived and loved more in the time represented by the hyphen than anyone else I know. If you knew her then I know your heart is broken as are ours. If you didn't know her, you lost a great opportunity to have your life enriched. This picture of Lu with her wonderful husband, Andrew Basil Arana was taken in New Zealand this past January where we were able to spend a few days together. I asked God to heal her from this illness as He had done before, and I asked God to keep her until we could get there and see her one last time, but God wanted to ease her pain and have her with Him.
— with Lucille Walls.
From Lu's husband Andrew Basil Arana:
In Loving Memory of Lucille Walls

Lucille (Lu) Gay Walls was born in Pontiac, Michigan on July 24, 1960 to Ernest and Lucy (Thompson) Walls and died In Seattle ...Washington on March 19, 2015. Lu was preceded in death by a sister Wilma Thierry and a brother Ernest Paul Walls, her niece Dawn Thierry, her former husband Craig Staudenbaur, and her mother and father in law Esther Arana and Frank Arana. She is survived by her loving husband of 18 years, Andrew Basil Arana, of Seattle, Washington, foster daughter Stephanie Capatina of Clackamas, Oregon, her parents Ernest and Lucy Walls of Goodrich, Michigan, sisters Charlotte (Ross Robinson) Walls, of Grass Lake, Michigan, and Carolyn Walls, of Goodrich as well as her sisters-in law Yvonne Arana Baltazar and Rose Arana-Sabala and brothers-in-law Earl, Nathan, Alexis, Francis, Michael, and John Arana. She was the world’s best aunt to Lisa (Hawk) Kennedy of Washington, D.C., Joshua (Shannon Slanec) Thierry of Holly, Michigan, Jessica (Brian) McKevett of Pleasant Lake, Michigan, Stephen Robinson of Grass Lake, Braden (Laura) Robinson of Haddonfield, New Jersey, Allison (Matthew) Baldi of Avon, Ohio, Madeline (Bobby) Ward of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Rachel (Robert) Caston of Ronkonkoma, New York, and Benoit and Philippe Côté of Goodrich. She greatly enjoyed her great nieces and nephews, Alex and Samantha Roth and Charlotte and Daniel McKevett of Pleasant Lake, Emily and Nathan Robinson of Haddonfield, and William and Jackson Ward of Shepherdsville.

Lu was a generous and loving person who loved and lived life to the fullest. She was a huge proponent of education and after her graduation from Goodrich High School she obtained a Bachelors of Social Work (BASW) from Michigan State as well as a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) from the University of South Carolina, all attained after her loss of vision but not her ability to experience the world around her. She loved travel and had visited over 50 countries as well as all seven continents (including visiting the frigid penguins in Antarctica). Lu served as the Lead Epidemiologist at Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc. in Banning California, as the Executive Director of Community Access Center in Riverside California, as the Deputy Director of the Ohio Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities in Columbus, Ohio, and as the Executive Director of Alliance of People with disAbilities in Seattle Washington. She was a strong advocate for persons with disabilities and spent much of her career developing and running programs designed to train and develop the talents of persons with different abilities to attain and advance in full employment and quality of life.
Lu had a strong faith and a personal relationship with Christ. A memorial service in her honor will be held at 11 o’clock on March 28, 2015 at the Goodrich Assembly of God Church in Goodrich, Pastor William Walbridge officiating. Family visitation will be at 10 o’clock at the church.

Memorial contributions be made to the Innocence Project, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or the charity of your choice.

Lu and Andrew in New Zealand against cloud and mountain

RantWoman and God have been arguing about Lu's passing too. Here, in memory of Lu's endless strength, faith, and joy in living are further RantWoman reflections and exuberant memorial music.

RantWoman does not usually mention praying on this blog but it seems the best thing to do, the best way to remember Lu, the best way to reach all who lvoed her and especially Andrew and the rest of her family.

Swedish Europop with Kick-Ass Sign Langauge interpreter.

RantWoman's Swedish is not quite non-existent but close. Nevertheless, RantWoman admits to a peculiar addictive fascination with both the song and the sign-language interpretation.

Swedish sign language interpreter steals the show.
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Getting the city's goats

Traffic in Seattle was particularly brutal this last week. At least three days various events and accidents induced MASSIVE widespread near-total traffic constipation. RantWoman mostly learned of this in her tweetstream; however, RantWoman lives near a driver relief location; RantWoman learned of a few bus details just from hanging out with drivers needing to use the restrooms. YEAH @KCMetrobus drivers!

By way of amusement and diversion, RantWoman dedicates this #hackthecommute #whydrive entertainment item to:

--everyone she knows or has ever known who raises goats

--the local blackberry control legions and their eminently hireable goatherds.

--@SeattlePD, Seattle's finest who this week both corralled a runaway bunch of goats in an episode their own tweeter refers to as "Masterpiece Theater: the Great Goatsby" and coped with Revenge of the Salmon and the capsized Semi-truck.

Who knew Dashboard cams would be so good for the news stream?

And an item from 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hack the Commute Carpool Casual!!!

RantWoman is still VERY high from a weekend at #hackthecommute, #htcsea15. RantWoman knows that the work product of her team is strewn all over Twitter, github, Google drive.

RantWoman needs to add this blog, and to collect some reflections.

The short version: RantWoman appreciates that there were essentially two ad-hoc ride-sharing apps developed at #hackthecommute, #htcsea15.
One called Slugg got picked to advance. This app is based on the practice in another city, sorry RantWoman does not remember which one, called "slugging where people wait near freeway onramps looking for rides and drivers actually pick them up. 

RantWoman's first problem: the waiting out in weather part does not sound good. Also the needing to stand and wait does not sound preferable for riders with all kinds of different disabilities.

Furthermore, RantWoman is willing to spend some time being persuaded that individualized solutions are what is needed, but RantWoman is predisposed to want to work with larger numbers of people at one time. So Here's an invitation to sell RantWoman. Well actually, RantWoman has no money to dispense but would be looking to chip in somehow on the prestige / public acclaim front.

In the meantime, RantWoman thinks Casual Carpool offers WAY more potential to save time and energy and help people who actually often Like and WANT to go places in groups. Same challenging trust / trustworthiness issues. Way more vehicle diversity in RantWoman's head than Casual Carpool, but RantWoman is really happy to start with the Casual carpool concept!

RantWoman is also meditating about whether to look for people to more formally pitch all the elaborations of this concept found here:
In the meantime, a link and a video to help with connections.

An article including info for the winners

Demo video from Casual carpool

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kustom Cane Not just your average mobility cane.

Another item posted for possible entertainment value for #hackthecommute overnighters and because the info meets RantWoman's standards for curation and conservation, otherwise known as "what will help RantWoman be able to find again?"

RantWoman offers, for her readers' enlightenment, a product endorsement that landed in her inbox, through a TN-based organization called KustomCane, the opportunity to festoon one's mobility cane with sports logos, geographically themed stickers, musical designs, all according to the website while complying with white cane laws.
Check out

Lexicography notes:
A mobility cane is the long, usually white cane blind people use and bang into things to help navigate with little or no vision. Mobility canes can be collapsible, telescoping, or one-piece. They are most commonly made of fiberglass, aluminum, or graphite. Discussion of tips requires more thought than RantWoman wants to supply at the moment.

The term "support cane" refers to any of a large variety of canes lots of people use to help them walk. These usually are about waist- high with a handlerather than straight like a mobility cane. Note: RantWoman knows a couple people who use both a mobility cane and a support cane.


The KustomCane Blog, full of all kinds o f inspiring comments and TN blindness news

Chameleon Cane from Kustom Cane

And forget the color of a certain dress. Here is a Chameleon mobility cane which changes colors depending on the angle of the lightthat hits it. RantWoman notes also the #a11y eccentricity of how the original site accomplishes descriptions in the label for the link but without any alt text that could come along when RantWoman slurps the link into her blog. In other words, even blind people have different ways to deal or not deal with #accessibility . Whine. Grumble

Riffing on "Eventbrite / carpool/

I t otally love the Eventbrite / carpool idea and I think there are lots of reasons an app that schedules groups of people to customizable transportation could meet community needs.


I decided to let the group work and then see whether my ideas might overcomplicate the first pass at lunchtime.

Example 1: my mom and I like to go to the symphony. Sometimes a friend of Mom’s drives, but who wants to drive a car into downtown Seattle at rush hour? There is a light rail stop right under the Benaroya but there is the small matter of where to park on the outside end. My mom’s friend is not always available and often we just take the bus. But the 7 at night is, um, sometimes a trip. But we are cheap. We would not like to pay as much as a cab costs for the two us but might like to bid on how much we would pay and then have the option of upping what we would pay to help form a group.

 note poit of carpool is to reduce number of vehicles on road and also in case of specialized vehicles to optimize use over all day not just specific hours

Example 2: I k now a number of faith communities where one person brings several others. Sometimes the driver is a senior, maybe someone who really should not be driving herself even on Sundays during the little old ladies driving to church hours, maybe someone wo prays every time she has to take a vision test…  But again people of modest means who maybe could pay something  but would like the option of sharing costs. These people could all probably qualify for paratransit but then it would be the public transportation agency’s problem to figure out how to group and share costs.



Example 3: transit agency trying to decide how to provide service in areas wehre need for local transit is as important or more so as connections to express lines. But maybe people can schedule some categories of activities all on the same day of the week so that it would make sense for ataxi co or other service to concentrate vehicles in different areas on different days.


A number of different nonprofits hold group meals for specific immigrant communities or provide other transportation services that also involve multiple people going the same place at the same time but not every day. Some of these people use wheelchairs or other mobility aids so there is need for accessible vehicles but different agencies need the vehicles on different days. So an app that could help agnecies shre vehcicle and schedule their individual customers could add a lot of value if there were a way to enhance collaboration among the agencies.


In short, would I use this kind of app? Probably!


Would I try to teach my mom to use it? Maybe.


Would try to pitch it to a broader audience in the categories of people above?  I might try to hire a better pitch person, but I would definitely look at the marketplace when deciding how to pitch.