Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fish in an Overcoat

More and more blossoms every week
Christnas Cactus 11 24 2015

The next round of #christmascactus holiday presents:

RantWoman is deeply amused with the power of The Cloud.

Recently while dabbling with early holiday season menu planning , RantWoman decided to look up recipes for a Russian salad called Fish in an Overcoat or, if the translator's command of English is less than fully idiomatic Fish Under an Overcoat.

It was late at night and RantWoman had already put her computer to bed, so the search was by Smartphone.

RantWoman had a definite sense of messing with her search engine's mind. RantWoman definitely thinks the linguistic possibilities would make for some premium quality bad science fiction dialogue.

RantWoman's first foray into search engine output based on Fish in an Overcoat yielded all kinds of things, none of them edible. RantWoman tried again Fish in an Overcoat Russian Salad. The search results also reminded RantWoman that the particular form of overcoat referenced is more a fur coat, just in case anyone needs more holiday absurdism


But too much for RantWoman to want to mess with on her phone that late. Off to bed, and when RantWoman logged in the next morning on a bigger device, there her search was again without RantWoman having to do anything except start to type something in the search bar.

RantWoman thinks she is supposed to feel spoiled. RantWoman actually feels experimental. Here for instance is an excellent food porn display followed by a pretty standard recipe.

Has anyone seen this much Italian parsley garnish ever?
Fish in an Overcoat Salad
garnished with sliced egg and surrounded by fresh parsley.

Russian Herring in a Fur Coat salad

And, True to RantWoman form, she CANNOT just leave well enough alone.

Ferrener Husband boils everything including eggs for slicing or dicing in one pot.

Ferrener Husband puts layers of minced dill pickle, diced hard-boiled egg, and maybe scallions above the fish layer.

The boiled and grated vegetable option is definitely nice for people with lots of dental issues, but RantWoman is tempted to experiment with roasted and chopped vegetables.

Cooks who leave well enough alone can eat their entire month's budget of mayonnaise in one multilayered sitting.

Some recipes usse a layer of sourcream instead of one of the layers inside of mayo.

RantWoman is meditating about whether to try a mix of yogurt and light sour cream, perhaps with fresh dill.

RantWoman MIGHT blend a tablespoon or so of Wasabi mayo into the mayo for layering, though probably if some bite were wanted, it would be moretypically Russian to add grated horseradish.

But maybe one is only supposed to do this much messing with greatness if one wants, say, to create a giant gastronomic discussion to distract one's gathering from, current politics, low oil prices, things getting shot down, .... RantWoman doe  not automatically think it's a cook's job to help out in this area and remains intrigued enough by her ideas to try them for the right audience.

Plan now for holiday piano tuning and musical soirees!

Clear lines that would have fun tactile qualities as an embroidery project
Festive Holly and Poinsettia motif

Yes, there really are ways tohave a grand piano in a tiny apartment
A baby grand piano
Do your holiday visions include crowds of family gathered around a piano singing Christmas carols?

Lively rehearsals for people who get paid to perform for paarties?

Cast of thousands holiday performances featuring all of a music studio's students?

Holding together "the siblinghood of personkind" long enough for the 3 RantChildren to do rousing 1 piano 6 hands renditions of The Old Grey Mare Ain't What She Used to be" as arranged by RantDad?

Whatever your holiday music needs, now is a terrific time to tune your piano and RantWoman is following up on a promise she made a couple years ago when she met someone from the Vancouver-based Piano Tuning School for the Blind

Here is a cool video.

One thing that is cool: these are the people in the business of selling piano tuning services, but they tell you upfront, in the Pacific Norhtwest, you probably only need to tune your piano once a year. In places with wider temperature fluctuations, tuning more often is probably advisable.

The other cool thing: the Piano Tuning school has a wide alumni network so if you live in places where pianos need to be tuned more often, there also likely are Piano Tuning School Alumni who can tune your piano. Check it out! Piano Tuning School Alumni Testimonials

And the video again just because holiday presents arrive in unpredictable combinations.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

He Named Me Malala Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Documentary HD

RantWoman shamelessly posts the trailer for the new Malala Yousufzai documentary in hopes that she will be able to find the title when needed.

John Oliver Paris Attacks and Baby Gift

RantWoman humbly offers this week's increment of #ChristmasCactus flowering simultaneously as

--electronic contribution to all the floral #ParisAttack memorials and

--electronic baby gift for Mr. and Mr. John Oliver upon the arrival of their son. RantWoman is aware that "Mrs. John Oliver" actually does not exist. She is a modern independent woman and a military helicopter pilot (or something,  please forgive RanWoman for imprecision) who proudly wears her own name thank you very much.

blooming christmas cactuses
Nov. 16, 2015
RantWoman considers John Oliver's rant upon the attacks in Paris brilliant. RantWoman has more to say about the attacks, but she will say it in another media stream.

The Good news for readers of delicate linguistic sensibilities: you have to click on something to start the video below. Also, probably the point of RantWoman's  baby gift comment is decipherable even if you do not click on the link and listen long enough at least for the commentary about civilization and pastry!

The better, sweeter and definitely even more heartwarming news.

John Oliver and Kate Norley welcome first child

RantWoman thinks this is an incredibly sweet couple and sends warm congratulations on the birth. RantWoman also has one additional comment. It's maybe a little early to be planning the kid's adolescent rebellion for him, but RantWoman admits to concern about vocabulary issues. HOW on earth do you top Dad on the command of epithets front?

RantWoman has ONE tiny sort of odd suggestion. RantWoman is imagining a teenage junior John Oliver who is a little bookish having cursing contest with selections of curse words from all the different places English is spoken and MAYBE extra points for invocation of terms from different epochs!

But for now, RantWoman imagines the kid is working on not falling asleep mid-meal and MAYBE his parents have occasional precious seconds to look at the Christmas cactus witout even worrying yet that the kid will be needing to gum everything including houseplants, pictures of houseplants, and heaven knows what else.

Congratulations and Happy Parenting!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fun facts and RCW 49.60

Fun fact #1:
RCW 49.60   Washington's antidiscrimination law, was enacted in 1973, well before the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Fun Fact #2:
The first two complaints based on RCW 49.60 were filed by blind people AGAINST organizations that serve the blind. One organization thought blind people cannot work as counselors. The second thought that blind people cannot be receptionists. Blind people were so NOT amused!

International Online Conference for Inclusion and Rehabilitation of the visually Impaired.

Hello everyone
This is Camila, from the International Institute on visual impairment team.


The online conference will take place from December 11th to 13th, via video conference and will be translated into english, spanish and portuguese.

There will be over 30 lectures, divided into seven panels and taughtby speakers from countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, India, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

One of the most important lectures we'll have in this event is thelecture of Daniel Kish. Daniel is the Creator of the technique of echolocation as applied toorientation and mobility for the visually impaired, and the founder of the World Access for The Blind, a United States-based organization that gives courses in the area of echolocation.

To know all the schedule, please access:

We already have more than 600 registered persons, from 33 different countries and we invite you to be with us in this magnificent interchange of ideas and experiences on visual impairment living.
The registration is free, and you can register accessing

Please, give us all the information is being required in the registration form, it's really important we can comunicate you about what's happening during the conference.

General Coordination: Prof. Wagner Alves Ribeiro Maia - educator, a graduate degree in teaching in higher education, an expert in visually impaired education, director of the International Institute of Visual Impairment
Editorial coordination: Prof. Ms. Drd. Decio Guimaraes Birth: Master and doctoral candidate in cognition and language from the State University of North Fluminense, director of the Culture Institute and Knowledge
International relations: Dr. Camila Gandini - Psychotherapist, member of the INSS rehabilitation team, and English teacher Visual Disability Portal.
Voiceovers and translations: Harrison Tu - University of California, USA, and Prof.. Karina Guadalupe Rosales Martinez, Instituto Universitario del Centro de México
Technical manager: Felipe Pereira de Souza Bento - Systems Analyst
About us:
The International Institute on Visual Impairment is an institution
thhat provides face-to-face and online courses around the
world, individual assistance, and training and consultation to people
who are blind, low vision, their families and professionals who work
with visually impaired people.
If you haven't heard of us, please visit:
 You can read our website in your language, you just need to select
your favorite language in a combobox you can find in the top of the page.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

On the new Smartphone front

RantMom has a new Smartphone. She thinks it's another iPone, but it's clearly an Android phone.

Apparently Little Sister also got the same phone new. And a church buddy of RantMom says she has the same phone too.

GOOD THING. Lots of help! And not from RantWoman.

RantWoman was listening to RantMom struggle and playing with the new phone. RantWoman THOUGHT of turning on some accessibility features but then she asked RantMom about one of RantWoman's favorite features, Vibrate on touch.

Um, NO! RantMom has a bit of neuropathy in her fingers, left over from chemo experiences several years ago. Vibrate on Touch does not sound like fun to RantMom.

RantWoman also considered turning on some visual accessibility features on the assumption that if RantMom does not know they are there, she will not try to use them. Or if she does know, she can try and decide whether she likes. So far, RantWoman has resisted this temptation to turn on things.

The new phone is bigger than her old iPhone. The new phone also has cool grooves along the sides. RantWoman assumes the grooves make the phone a lot easier to hold onto.

RantMom also has a new stylus. She REALLY likes it. RantWoman owould HAGE it but is thrilled how well it works for RantMom.

Oh happy day.

Well, happy moment.