Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do not eat the particle accelerator and other cautions.

RantWoman admits she thinks particle accelerators are pretty cool. Word cool used with caution. Caution due about numerous other concepts. Enjoy!




Do not put your bunny in the particle accelerator.

Do not put a marshmallow man into the particle accelerator either.

Do not put your head into the beam? Paralyzed face better than botox?

Do not try to make a weapon of mass destruction.

Do not eat the particle accelerator.

Do not destroy the earth.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School Brain and Broadband infrastructure

Readers who want only the pithiest of RantWoman's pithy analysis so far are invited to scroll down to the bottom. Readers who want a little better trail of conceptualbreadcrums, just read on.

RantWoman has yet really to weigh in on the recent announcement that Century Link will be rolling out gigabit broadband in selected Seattle neighborhoods. This initiative depends on the Seattle city council enacting an ordinance to change the Director's rule.

More detailed information about the proposal and the needed legislation can be found here.

A post collecting some previous media links, noted without comment or endorsement of the points of view reflected:

RantWoman's main comments:
--The availability of technology that hangs new telecomm infrastructure off existing light poles opens up possibilities for many service providers. RantWoman generally considers competition and consumer choice a good thing.

--Hanging telecomm boxes off light poles solves the problem of telecomm providers being required to pay the costs of street upgrades whenever a set volume of dirt is displaced. RantWoman notes that ADA compliance and improved walkability remain important concerns regardless of telecomm infrastructure. RantWoman wishes she had time to read the ordinance to see what if anything it says about this point. Maybe...

--RanWoman recognizes that getting good broadband infrastructure in Seattle will mean providing good affordable services, good value for different market segments, large businesses, small business, schools, community organizations, individual households. Beyond the comment above about light poles, RantWoman is not opining about how the current proposal relates to different market segments.

--Most important, RantWoman has Back to School Brain. RantWoman again notes that 90% of students in Seattle Public Schools qualify for Free or reduced price lunches. RantWoman notes that lots of youth travel long distances on buses to go to better schools outside their neighborhoods. RantWoman notes that in some households multiple people share one bus pass. Bottom line: RantWoman is not thinking that $100+ / month is going to look very affordable for many, many households with public students in them. RantWoman does not automatically assume that in these households everyone will be curled up in their own corners with their own devices; RantWoman suspects that people will often share only 1 or 2 devices among many family members. RantWoman still would really like to see more measures that bring broadband affordably to this market segment. RantWoman would like this very much and is not clear how to accomplish it!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh NO, not nuclear anihilation! As told by John Oliver.

RantWoman humbly offers the following item as a refreshing alternative to whatever is gushing forth from the real news.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maryan Mirzakhani wins Fields medal

RantWoman notes this wonderful article about Maryan Mirzakhani, the first woman awarded the Fields medal

and from the Guardian

RantWoman has NO illusions that saving a link is anything more than a scribble in an electronic notebook, but it's a truly inspiring story on so many levels.

RantWoman has eccentric experiences with billiards, but who knows what might have happened if she had let her mind wander around the geometries of all the fabric she used to sew from. And then there is also the brain gets fixated option....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Walk Sign On in All Directions: A way to Memorialize Rebecca Scollard

"Walk sign is on in all directions. Walk sign is on in all directions.  Walk sign is on in all directions."

That is what the crosswalks on NE 10th adjacent to the Bellevue Transit Center sound like.

There is a similar "Walk signs in all directions" cycle for the traffic signals on First Avenue in downtown Seattle near the Pike Place Market.

RantWoman is way too happy to go on record saying that at the intersection of 9th and James outside the trauma / ER entrance at Harborview in the city of Seattle also really needs to replace the current impossible 4-way stop regimen with traffic signals on a cycle that includes an "all-way" walk segment.

RantWoman does not know Rebecca Scollard, the 42-year-old woman struck by a garbage truck and dragged a considerable distance before being pronounced dead outside Harborview hospital last week. But RantWoman has tried to cross streets at that intersection. SOME of the time RantWoman makes it. Some of the time, RantWoman is glad to be mobile enough to walk to the intersection with a stoplight at 9th and Jefferson.

But RantWoman knows that:
--A LOT of the people who need to cross streets at 9th and James have walkers, canes, wheelchairs, crutches, just for starters. Or they cannot move fast for some less visible reason.

--Besides all manner of the halt and lame and disabled and impaired needing to cross streets there, the area is full of buses, ambulances, garbage trucks, fire engines, and who knows what else. Even under the best condition drivers are going to have LOTS of reasons it is difficult to see all the people described above who need to cross the street

RantWoman would SO prefer just to remember Rebecca Scollard and welcome a new traffic signal regimen instead of fighting her urge to make snarky comments about how conveninet it is to have all these options for collisions between humans and vehicles all stacked up right outside the Harborview ER.


Media moments, found by a search string RantWoman finds sort of embarrassing:
Rebecca garbage Harborview.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Complaint? compliant?

Complaint? Compliant?

 Dear Department of Licensing and all global entities of surveillance.

RantWoman has dutifully taken note of insistence on her WA state ID that she needed to march down and replace said ID before her most recent birthday.

 The first attempt: RantWoman dropped by an office in downtown Seattle wile on the way to somewhere else. There was a line out the door and halfway up the alley. New ID not gonna happen within RantWoman’s time window.

 The next time, RantWoman visited the Departmetn of Licensing first thing in RantWoman’s morning. RantWoman explained to a friendly human that all RantWoman wanted to do was renew an ID. RantWoman got directed ahead of the rest of the queue to…STICKER SHOCK!

$45 to authenticate RantWoman’s identity???? Look, if you want to steal RantWoman’s identity, you deserve the drama that comes with it! But $45 to achieve a little plastic token of identification. RantWoman dutifully handed over debit card and signed required signature. Then RantWoman was directed to wait until called for picture taking.

 RantWoman waited and waited, not terribly long actually. But the fun was only beginning. The faitful public servant staffing the photosection wanted to achieve two goals besides mere photographs of RantWoman:

 --She wanted a photograph without glasses glare.
--She wanted a photo with both of RantWoman’s eyes open.


 --Almost every photo of RantWoman ever since … (RantWoman started wearing glasses at age 2) has glasses glare in it. RantWoman thinks if her last ID picture does not have glasses glare, probably it was because RantWoman may not have been wearing her glasses due to swelling caused by medical procedures. RantWoman considers herself lucky that picture does not seem to show any “My doctor got paid to do that to me” bruising. But that picture is an anomaly! RantWoman is going to be wearing her glasses as long as they do ANY kind of good at all and the NORM for RantWoman is glasses glare. So Departmenet of Licensing please COPE!

 --If glasses glare is a fact of life around RantWoman, having eyes reliably open is NOT. RantWoman’s eyes get itchy and start to hurt if RantWoman keeps her eyes open too long or tries too hard to focus for very long. Not even paid medical professionals at RantWoman’s eye care provider’s office can keep RantWoman’s eyes open to their satisfaction without really extreme measures. So the sincere functionary has not a prayer.

 Well the sincere functionary tried. And tried. And tried to achieve something “compliant.”. Rantwoman is unclear how many attempts there were but it was too many. Finally the sincere functionary agreed to send in what she had. “But you might get a letter asking you to come back in for a retake.”

 Okayyyy, but if RantWoman gets such a letter, someone is going to get a slightly eited version of this blog post salted somehow with the words “reasonable accommodation!”




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