Friday, September 4, 2015

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Disasters, Severe Weather, Old and New

Memo to Self and musings in light of windstorms, Katrina Anniversariy...

--RantWoman has been reading a very cool book called Full Rip 9.0. It is about geology, seismicity and aborted nuclear power plants,  subduction zone earthquakes, building codes and lots of topics that do not intrinsically qualify as FUN. Yet is a fun well-written book and a great read, a great science story.  Order Full Rip 9.0 via Sasquatch
Full Rip 9.0 Cover Image
Since RantWoman also found and this item includes a link to a certain NewYorker article....
Dan Savage: 9 questions for Sandy Daughton, Authror of Full Rip 9.0

--RantWoman needs to nudge the person officially convening the committee about a disaster plan at RantWoman's faith community.

--Rantwoman has in fact NOT waited around to nudge a couple peoplle about small, :brush your teeth regularly" things that occur cyclically because of various kinds of turnover.

--RantWoman's life is beset right now by all sorts of electronic lacunae and RantWoman only saw post-windstorm power outage map on her phone. RantWoman looked at the map blobs in her Tweet stream and thought of calling to see whether Faith Community had power. RantWoman decided she personally would be glad to see others from faith community even if Sunday sit-down with God happened without electricity.  No power outage at Faith Community.

--RantWoman reminds the world of the peculiar benefits of working with RantWoman's next-door neighbor Mr. Accessible Restrooms. Mr. Accessible Restrooms is SO, um, forward constantly unrelentingly forward about his eternal need for accessible restrooms that RantWoman for one when doing any kind of disaster planning is going to make DARN SURE there is an accessible restroom around.

--Speaking of Mr. Accessible Restrooms, RantWoman and Mr. Accessible Restrooms one time were part of a light search and rescue exercise. Those participating were divided into okay, injured, and dead. Mr. Accessible Restrooms drew one of the Dead cards. He complained mightily assuming this somehow had something to do with his need for a wheelchair. RantWoman the PR goddess (cough, cough) thinks it MIGHT be pad PR to make people in wheelchairs automatically dead in such exercises. On the other hand if the overall message people are supposed to get is plan on being alone and on your own for 3-7 days after a major disaster anyway, PERHAPS for the first pass it does not matter whether the exercise thinks one is alive or dead: regardless, one might not get help for a few days and that is plenty of time to make one's existence known insistently!

--And speaking of making one's insistence known insistently, this week RantWoman's life is overflowing with other circumstances that make people like Mr. Accessible Restrooms DARNED hard to communicate with even in normal times, never mind during disasters. Severe hearing loss and desire to get up close to lipread inspite of also vision loss.   Better TRY TO get SOME communications norms down BEFORE the disaster!

--Adding to riffs, a friend's meditations about the 10-year anniversary of Katrina and hos RantWoman's friend was able to help.

Meditations on doing what one can in a disaster

And experiences
Femchat: Forward to Get to the Bricks Report about Women in Public Housing Before and after Katrina

Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Favorite Resource Fair Swag

By the time readers see this, the 500 backpacks and extra day of distribution should have arrived. RantWoman and dozens of families were standing outside the Seattle King County Resource Fair when the announcement came that the promised backpacks were all gone but 500 more would arrive the next day.

RantWoman did not exactly come for a backpack; if anyone had offered her one, she would promptly have found a child to give it to. There were LOTS of children and especially LOTS of children growing up bilingual. Kids growing up bilingual always warms RantWoman's heart because growing up bilingual is SO good for growing brains; RantWoman just wishes that literate in both languages were more likely. But RantWoman is just supposed to chill out and enjoy what is.

RantWoman also wants to appreciate some really awesome swag and a whole bag for of propaganda to explore for an information and referrals window from the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing.

L-R Posti-t pad, foam capsule stress reliver, pineapple luggage tag, plastic card case and awesome potholder Favorite Swag items:
a post-it pad
a giant foam capsule stress reliever
a pineapple luggage tag
a World Vision case RantWoman decided to stash some WA Council of the Blind business cards in
a truly AWESOME potholder RantWoman got from the Fire Department for knowing that the best thing to do with a grease fire is to cover it with a lid! No, RantWoman did not let on about having helped with disaster preparedness projects. Yes RantWoman is really glad to have another potholder.

Vets2Go card, lots of pens and refrigerator magnets and stickers
More Favorite Swag Items:
A card reminding RantWoman to mention veterans services even if she cannot find the right url
Several refrigerator magnets
A number of pens that will now walk away from the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing
A bunch of random stickers.

What more could anyone want?

Wait! This is RantWoman. Don't answer that.

Resource Fair Hits: Battery Bob

So um, RantWoman bounded off yesterday mid-windstorm to the Seattle King County Resource Fair.

Even before RantWoman reached the line for the front door, never mind the front door, RantWoman met one of the more diverting attractions, Battery Bob, who says "I recharge people's llives with hope." Battery Bob is a congenial white guy. He was handing out little yellow cards:

Photo of one of Battery Bob's yellow cards
Battery Bob is recruting people for all over the state, promising $2000-$5000 / month. Come to his FREE ifformation session at 9 am every wednesday at the Federal Way Boys and Girls Teen Center, 31453 28th Ave S, Federal Way.

Shecks! If RantWoman ever finds herself in Federal Way at 9 am on a Wednesday with nothing more to do....

Friday, August 28, 2015

Chechen Catfishing: Women Scam ISIS Out Of Thousands

In RantWoman's never-ending quest to be on top of modern terminology, RantWoman offers the word "catfish," via

RantWoman apologizes for feeble research effort though: RantWoman figured out the meaing listed here from context, for instance in the item below. Now RantWoman really really wants to know the origin of the term. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Really Important Housing Accessibility Case Settlement

This item reports on a housing accessibility lawsuit in Federal Court in NY.  The settlement is exciting because:

1. It shoud result in architects and developers paying more attention to accessibility at design stages.

2. It creates a fund to be accessed by people who need changes related to housing accessibility.

The lawsuit stemmed from a complaint FHJC received from Ms. Vilchez and the results of a FHJC testing investigation that identified multiple barriers to accessibility at Powell Cove Estates and Overlook Pointe. The investigation found inadequate wheelchair access throughout the residential developments including, but not limited to, thresholds for front and patio doors were too high, interior doors were too narrow, thermostats were mounted too high, electrical outlets were mounted too low, and ground floor unit driveways were too steep for someone using a wheelchair. Furthermore, because of the architectural barriers, Ms. Vilchez was unable to leave her home or traverse the residential development without the assistance of another person.

Seattle King County Resource Fair AUGUST 29

more or less, via recent email:

Dear RantWoman, Oops. That resource fair we told you about recently, it's TWO DAYS FROM NOW!

Very Funny.

Here are some links in case anyone in RantWoman's educator / alanguage access  networks sees this in time to refer people or attend themselves.

Seattle Times article on Resource and Job Fair

WorkSource Calendar item listing participating organizations

Arc of King County invitation

Workforce Development Council Invitation

WA Access Fund Invitation