Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eclipse Soundscape Project

Solar eclipses are VERY cool, but they need to be observed very carefully.

An eclipse will be observable over much of the US on August 21
During an eclipse, we gaze in amazement as day becomes night. But, along with the striking visual effects, the soundscape of natural environments changes dramatically. The changes in the sounds of the eclipse are not only of interest to sociologists, birders, and naturalists, but will also give the blind and visually impaired an opportunity to experience this rare celestial event.

The Eclipse Soundscapes project will use a specially designed app to allow citizen scientists to record environmental sounds before, during, and after the August 21, 2017 eclipse. These recordings will be shared across the world in order to give everyone the opportunity to experience the awe of a total solar eclipse.

See project website

Join our project:
Thanks to our partners
Contact us:
Eclipse Soundscapes Project
c/o Henry "Trae" Winter, MS 58
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
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Eclipse Mob,
RantWoman has small gripes with this site:

--RantWoman would love some kind of short description of the parts of the US where the eclipse will be most observable.

--RantWoman as a competent blind person who works with people of many different abilities and disabilities will also need standard "how to safely observe and eclipse without destroying your vision" guidance. RantWoman as a busy blind person would be thrilled if this page included a link to instructions like this; RantWoman as a competent blind person is capable of looking things up her own darn self, but...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Mind Sweep

Monday so far:

Readers who need compression socks, readers who did not get all their online shopping done over the weekend, readers who do not like all their shopping experiences swallowed up in global monoliths are invited to appreciate RantWoman's  Shameless Commercial Promotion. Check it out quick. RantWoman has no idea how long it will last: Check out Vim & Vigr Compression Socks

Some of the things RantWoman really likes about this site's shopping experience besides the product lines:

--The site makes a kind of vexing topic, the need for compression socks, FUN

--The site is SIMPLE.

--The site is a MT company (with product sourcing in Asia.). The fact that MT has no sales might evoke meditations on e-commerce and taxation but not today.

--RantWoman needs to share the love BECAUSE much as she loves the products and the site, there is NO WAY RantWoman is ever on her own going to be able to buy enough compression socks to keep the company in business.

It was RantMom's turn to cook for week RantWomen Sunday Suppers. Menu was Clean out the refrigerator vegetable soup. RantWoman can so relate. It was VERY tasty too.

Senator Cantwell's town halls about health care, net neutrality, and general topics came up at RantMom's. The RantWomen are definitely all over Good Town Halls.

Speaking of #netneutrality and collaborative efforts to comment about same RantWoman owes the world or at least one corner of the world a tirade: Accessibility is WAY more than elements of the Universal Service Fund as spelled out in Title II of the Telecommunications Act. It would be better to say NOTHING than to say what is in the draft. Now the task is to say enough briefly enough... Oh, wait, this exercise in bloggery kind of makes the point: RantWoman has the right combination of tools, modest skills to use the tools, connectivity to do what is needed, an environment that responds accessibly to RantWoman's accessibility tools at least as far as composing blog posts if not as far as finding the links for the videos of the town halls.

And here just in time for this post, a parallel item from Rooted in rights
Why aren't more Disabled People Online?

One phone call crosses an afternoon event off the calendar. Happy to reschedule.

RantWoman is feeling out of shape and like she needs to work MORE walking into her schedule. Sigh. But another excuse to wear out and buy more compression socks!

Yesterday RantWoman had mostly lovely satisfying walks through NE Seattle on the way to and from a picnic in Ravenna Park. RantWoman's life might have been easier had she consulted the Trip Planner, but Ask A Human was sufficient for the day. By sufficient, RantWoman does mean going up and down about a couple bridges getting TO the park. Getting from the park, RantWoman is certain she found every blackberry vine dangling into the sidewalk along with meditations on crumbling sidewalks, soothing plant life, and charming but undermaintained single-family homes likely on the verge of housing transformation because of Seattle GROWTH.

But that is enough digression for now. Back to Tasks at Hand.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kremlinology and Weather Report, more or less

RantWoman is taking a break from the modern-day Kremlinology opportunities to analyze every word of Presidential speeches and reports from #G20 meeting counterparts' news streams to provide the following Terminological and Lexicographical gleanings from RantWoman's interwebs and media streams:

Synonyms for the current President:

Mango Mussolini

Commander in Tweet

Former real estate typhoon
RantWoman has NO idea whether this one is simply the result of someone using speech to text or whether it was intentional. RantWoman considers it too delicious to ignore.

Also thematically topical and somehow weather-related:
"You mess with one snowflake and you get the whole damn avalanche."
See for example  Snowflake according to Urban Dictionary

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Excursion: Fourth of July

The planning: What to do on the Fourth?

A bus excursion to West Seattle sounded like fun to RantMom. No ferries. No parades. No picnics. Home before traffic gets terrible and people get rowdy.

Selfies? Not so much. Definitely not without a lot of coaxing for RantMom and RantWoman's cellphone battery is just getting really feeble. So no selfies, and not even visuals for a gorgeous sunny day with trees and Sound.


And RantMom basically entrusted RantWoman with responsibility for the itinerary. RantWoman was thinking lots of trees, foliage, maybe some garden abundance somewhere to tramp through. RantWoman was thinking frequent bus options so the RantWomen could get off the bus, see what there is to see, get back on....

Frequent bus options. Check.

Enough sense of how buses connect to feel comfortable winging it without either maps or apps. Check!

Reasonably level walking options so RantMom would not have to walk very far.Check, though RantMom in the presence of retail is sometimes more enthusiastic than when out on the mean streets and bumpy sidewalks of Seattle. Check and Check.

Tips from the West Seattle Blog about a few things in West Seattle for the 4th

Search string: West Seattle garden
The West Seattle Garden Tour ? This sounded like a LOT of fun. Unfortunately the RantWomen missed it for this year, and it's the sort of event where the host gardeners leave gorgeous pictures on the internet but do not leave their addresses out for any random member of the public to drop by. RantWoman gets enough email;  RantWoman hopes RantMOM will sign up  for announcements about next year. RantWoman is ethically indisposed just to signing RantMom up without asking her.

Other Walking tours? RantWoman found a great map on the Feet First site.

The West Seattle maps are available at several West Seattle library branches. There is also an option to print oneself. No matter what, the map was not going to be any help for today's excursion. Instead, RantWoman insisted on riding the C line around out toward Fauntleroy and along routes with serious Puget Sound Views. RantMom was appropriately appreciative.

Parks or P-patches? Should have been an option, but the RantWoman research division was a little hurried and didn't get there, even electronically for directions.

The bus Routing
7, leaving "early enough," not as early as Farm Girl RantMom is awake but compatible with RantWoman's body clock and early enough to go and come back by early afternoon.

C Line to SW Avalon and Bradford SW and a walk in the morning sun to:

Avalon and Bradford
How to remember a bus st

Seconds Sale at Avalon Glassworks
The RantWomen had a lot of fun looking. Both were tempted about purchases: Christmas ornaments, blown glass cupcakes, bases, bowls, various fruits, vegetables, sea creatures, necklace charms...  Then conversation turned toward RantWoman needing to remove other things before new things come to the apartment and RantMom already having things she would like to put out. But the RantWomen were glad to have gone and might come back.

21 rattling to Westwood Village: RantMom was happy just to ride and see trees and something other than what she sees all the time.

Target? Yep! Target. No mail order for the RantWomen today. Actual in-person shopping, and shopping preferable to other Target locations! With shopping carts and kid randomness and a certain amount of just fogging around remembering things to look for as we came upon them. RantWoman found an item she usually just orders by mail order to get the needed size. RantMom tried on a denim shirt in the women's section and it was not to her taste. In fact it was the kind of fabric that is so thin one can practically read the brand name on the wearer's underwear through the fabric. RantWoman gets grumpy to receive such items by mail order; RantMom was pleased to find a much better option in the men's department.

By this time, RantWoman was getting hungry, hungry enough that all the sugary granola bars and vitamin C infused Fruit snacks were starting to look nutritionally responsible. RantMom wanted to check for one item at Barnes and Noble and found more things to gaze at. Finally, LUNCH and a latte and then HOME.

C Line


The RantWomen safely in our nests by mid afternoon, with neighbors generously providing fireworks without even being asked.