Monday, September 1, 2014

What is Philosophy for? / Filosofía ¿Para qué? - Raymundo Morado - Sesión 1

What? Readers think RantWoman might somehow have missed the stunning lack of voices among her readers clamoring for 3 hour lectures in Spanish about "What is philosophy for?" RantWoman, for her part, blesses Youtube because RantWoman just cannot go on intellectual grazing forays very easily; sometimes RantWoman just grabs diverting digressions wherever she can find them.

Actually, Professor Morado is a former work colleague of RantWoman's; that more than anything is why RantWoman has decided to post to help everyone ride out the last of summer and settle into new learnings. Enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pharrell's "Happy" in ASL by Deaf Film Camp at CM7

This makes RantWoman smile.

Watch in full-screen mode and skip the screen enlargement if the ASL detail is not important.

RantWoman is deeply amused that the clip comes with a completely uncaptioned ad from Janelle Monae.

Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir', London, 12.11.11

RantWoman has Back to School brain and sends a special shout out to teachers called to teach in the presence of really daunting world and national affairs. And RantWoman sends a shout out to students who learn things they wish were not so real and how learn them wile practicing sounds and maybe not saying EVERY thought that comes to mind as they learn and teach.

RantWoman would not mind at all if the theme of this poem were not again so current!

RantWoman encourages readers to view this video and the one from the previous entry of the Israeli Defense Force choir performing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah together and to see where the experience leads.

The IDF Choir sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in Hebrew

RantWoman recommends consuming this blog post together with the next one with today's date. RantWoman leaves to her readers to reflect on what either or both have to do with the latest late summer media torrents about realities in Gaza. RantWoman advises praying. If RantWoman were able to pray more articulately, maybethis would get posted in her more overtly religious blog. Tough. RantWoman figures everyone needs to pray and maybe prayer will somehow prove a path to something better.

English lyrics to Hallelujah with link to IDF version in Hebrew

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NYC Pedestrian Issues lawsuit

RantWoman peeked into one of her email dumping grounds today and saw this item noted here for various vocabulary and blog as filing cabinet reasons:

Group Sues for Upgrades to Sidewalks. By MATT FLEGENHEIMER.

Arguing that New York City's streets are often inaccessible for the blind or those in wheelchairs, a group of advocates filed suit against the city on Wednesday for what lawyers called violations of federal disability laws. In a complaint received by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the group, Disability Rights Advocates, said the class-action suit aimed to 'end decades of civil rights violations' in what is 'arguably, for non-disabled residents, the most pedestrian-friendly large city in the United States.

Sidewalks and pedestrian routes, the group said, are often inaccessible for blind New Yorkers and people who use wheelchairs, walkers and other travel aids. Among the dangers, the group described curbs without ramps at pedestrian crossings, midblock barriers like raised concrete, and broken surfaces that can imperil wheelchair and cane users.

The focus of the suit is Lower Manhattan, below 14th Street, where problems are pronounced, according to the complaint. 'I should not have to fear for my life every time I attempt to go downtown,' Dustin Jones, a plaintiff and wheelchair user, said in a statement. Asked about the suit on Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio cited recent initiatives to benefit disabled people, including the Vision Zero plan to improve traffic safety and a settlement to make half of New York's yellow cabs wheelchair-accessible by 2020. 'We'll certainly look at additional work we have to do,' the mayor said, adding that he had not seen the lawsuit. 'But we're very, very devoted to making this city not only accessible but safe for those who are disabled.

Polly Trottenberg, the commissioner of the city's Transportation Department, which is named as a defendant, said that more than 90 percent of street corners had pedestrian ramps. The city has also installed 430 'detectable warning strips' to help the visually impaired, she said. Victor Calise, the commissioner of the Mayor's Office for People With Disabilities, defended the Transportation Department, saying it 'understands the needs of people with disabilities and is working diligently to address these needs. Officials noted that the department recently added a 'policy analyst for accessibility' to its team overseeing the Vision Zero plans, which call for an elimination of traffic deaths by 2024. Julia Pinover-Kupiec, a lawyer for Disability Rights Advocates -- which is also behind the settlement for wheelchair-accessible taxis -- called the administration's reaction to the lawsuit 'very confusing. 'It's completely inconsistent with the way that they've acted toward the disability community on this issue,' she said.

Before filing the suit, Disability Rights Advocates said, the group offered to engage in a 'structured negotiation' with the city, possibly with a third-party mediator. But the city refused, Ms. Pinover-Kupiec said. City officials said Wednesday that they had hoped to work with the advocates, but did not want to enter a structured negotiation without being presented a list of specific locations that could be improved. The advocates did not give them one, officials said. Ms. Pinover-Kupiec said the group still hoped to work with the administration outside of court to improve pedestrian conditions. 'We want this problem fixed more than we want to drag them into court,' Ms. Pinover-Kupiec said. 'This is a problem people face every time they leave their building every day.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarizati...

RantWoman keeps trying to formulate sober balanced reflections about various recent debacles in #Ferguson MO. RantWoman would prefer well-crafted words in the spirit of #speakup and #handsupdontshoot.

RantWoman keeps trying... and it is NOT happening. Instead: (warning, way more use of the F word than RantWoman considers literate. Sigh.)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Robin Williams: golf in terms RantWoman can relate to, and remembrances, joyous and painful.

Warning: if one more word about suicide or about Robin Williams’ suicide or about Parkinsonism or addiction is just going to drive you around the bend, off a cliff, … give yourself the option of checking out some of these or other topical resources and skipping the rants and ramble below.

 Warning 2: if you just want really, really funny items about golf from Robin Williams and people relate to golf, go ahead and scroll all the way down.

Resources: Suicide Prevention:

Lots of stuff in the search engine; just picked one link

RantWoman appreciates the admonition that just because something is easy to share does not necessarily mean it should be shared. RantWoman is somewhat bothered by the tone of this site in places. RantWoman encourages people to be sensitive to distress, spoken or unspoken, in conversations but RantWoman’s experience is that loved ones come and go in conversation long after their deaths and for other reasons than the causes of their deaths. So even though RantWoman appreciates the writer’s awareness of triggers, RantWoman thinks it’s impossible to avoid all triggers and the best we can do is to be aware and maybe emotionally astute when they occur.

Survivors of Suicide Support group at the Seattle Crisis Clinic

When RantWoman was visiting this resource, the support group RantWoman attended was facilitated by a brave social worker whose half-time job was reading all about suicide and facilitating suicide support groups.


Now as to Robin Williams, RantWoman’s sentiments come and go thunderously enough just to spend some quality blog time doing verbal taffy pull to see what takes shape.


Most of the time, RantWoman has gigantic reservoirs of love and affection for all the ways Robin Williams made us laugh. This ocean of love means holding onto the holy and also letting go, loving someone enough to realize that if they are determined to let go, who the heck are the rest of us to try to keep them here? This wash things away in an ocean of love, frankly really does not even want to think about:

--The giant ups and downs, visible sometimes in sequences of video clips, of Williams’ struggles with addictions

--the nip and tuck surgically chiseled jaw look of the plastic surgery set and the peculiar gifts of screen enlargement to bring the changes in Williams’ face to RantWoman’s attention

--one late life picture of a swollen face, disheveled hair, glasses, and generally asense of someone losing it physically in ways that those of the surgically chiseled jaw look are probably terrified of.

A sense of disappointment if Williams    was afraid of Parkinsonism, not willing to trust that people who love hi would love him anyway in spite of the Parkinsonism.


Some of the time RantWoman would find it really easy just to peer endlessly into a gigantic pool of sadness.


Some of the time, RantWoman gets kind of, um, pissed off. How dare he decide all the love isn’t enough? How dare he check out before the rest of us are ready to let him go?


And then RantWoman found the golf routine. Understand, golf mystifies RantWoman. Golf is one of the reasons RantWoman goes around being afraid of small balls flying at her head at high speeds. And what Robin Williams does with golf, the pure poetry even if it embodies several of the issues named above. Take a look!

Warning: the following clip involves extensive and extravagant use of the "F" word.