Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Transit options for the Womxn's March

Understand, RantWoman would go to the Womxn's March Seattle  on Saturday but RantWoman has a conflict. RantWoman has been to many such events in the past, so one more or less is not a huge deal. As a service to those attending, RantWoman humbly offers somewhat imperfect  transit encyclopedia service derived from living and having a relative who lives in the area.

RantWoman means it about transit. Forget about driving because there will be nowhere to park for miles. Plus, even if the incoming administration is peppered with Climate Change deniers...we all get to celebrate our hip commitment to exercise ...

The Definitive RantWoman  summary of good transit options for getting to the Womxn's March on Saturday. RantWoman offers this local detail as pointers and pedestrian paths. Readers will still need to consult their trip planner for connections. Also crowds are expected to be heavy so Allow Extra Time. And no, this is not down to the comma blind perfect.

Topical transit stops and the bus routes served by them ON SATURDAYS:

Light Rail
RantWoman recommends
the Mt Baker Station, served by routes 7,8, 14, 48, 106,
The International District Station served by the 7,14, and somehow RantWoman has not looked up by the 106. as well as the 550, 554
Capitol Hill station, served by the 8 to / from MLK / Mt Baker and the 60 too / from 12th and Jackson

Bus ROUTES to connect to:
4,7,8,14,48,106, 550,554

(RantWoman forgot about the downtown streetcar and buses that stop near 12th and Jackson, the 36 and 60. If you take one of those options walk the stops RantWoman refers to for the 14 are E of 12th and Jackson.)

BUS stops within walking distance of the park, with walking directions to the march.
The I-90 stop on Rainier, both directions: the 7 and 106

Anything that stops at the Rainier Flyer stop on I-90.
Example the 550 or 554 are one stop from the International District tunnel stop and a good park and ride lot connection to / from the Eastside.

23rd and Dearborn: the 4 both directions

23rd and Judkins: the 48 both directions

MLK and Judkins, the 8 both directions.

17th / 18th and Jackson: the 14 to / from downtown.

23rd and Jackson: the 4,8, 14, 48

The Walking Directions from Bus Stops
 the I 90 stop on rainier or the Rainier Flyer stop off I-90 on either side of rainier.
On the E side of Rainier a little north of the bottom of the ramp from the Rainier Flyer stop find the asphalt path up through the park. When you get to the skate park, cross Judkins and keep going N through the parking lot until you see the flat area.
The 14 along Jackson. Stops on either side near the Franz bakery
and thrift store. think big yellow 18-wheelers. Between the bakery and
Washington Middle school there is a nice walking route to the N side
of the Park.

23rd and Jackson the 4,8,14,48: Walk W on Jackson until you get to the walkway between the middle school and the bakery as above

The 48 stops either direction at 23rd and Judkins. Go W on Judkins
until you see parking lot on the right. then walk N through the parking
lot and up until you see the flat area.

The 8 stops both directions at MLK and Judkins. It is further to walk
than the 48 and Judkins jogs interestingly.

Questions? Corrections? Leave a comment or consult your favorite transit agency.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Which District?

Dear Legislators

One tiny request: would you please consider listing your district and party if you choose somewhere near the top of your webpages and emails? RantWoman has this fantasy that there might be an automated way to do this which is one reason RantWoman is emitting a plea to the whole world.

RantWoman recognizes that you probably did not ask for the following moment of blindness tourism, but RantWoman has just read an entire email and a legislator's home web page with a screen reader and has yet to figure this out. RantWoman balked even at clicking on even one more link and has opted to emit this plea to the universe instead.

RantWoman has landed on the constituent email list from someone who she knows does not represent her. RantWoman knows what district she lives in. RantWoman received an email from the person she knows is her new state senator and that email did correctly identify the district. RantWoman participates in many things that might land her on legislators' email lists and RantWoman actually appreciates being on some of those lists. RantWoman especially appreciates this when the email lists take her directly to info she might have to sort a lot of extraneous material looking at search results with a screen reader.
The email RantWoman received from the other legislator is what set her off on this tirade. RantWoman thinks this legislator probably also has constituents who use screen readers. Please note: not all the screen reader users RantWoman knows are blind!  Making it easy to identify your district is a really small step that could make life easier for many people including some who might want to re-elect your or otherwise promote your efforts.

There, in a spirit of raving bipartisanship, enough free advice for  today.




Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Text of King 5 Item about Lt. Gov Habib and the WA Senate's new Roll Call System

For National #Braille Literacy Month, RantWoman plans to collect several news items about the new Braille Roll call system developed through a partnership between the WA Department of Services for the Blind and the WA state senate.

RantWoman apologizes for bibliographic sloppiness and lack of a direct link to the King5 site. Readers please use your search engines if you really need the link.

The text of the story
The state is implementing a new braille system to accomodate incoming lieutenant governor Cyrus Habib. (Photo: KING)

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The state is implementing a new braille system in the Senate to accommodate incoming lieutenant governor, Cyrus Habib, who is blind.

The Lieutenant Governor of the State of Washington has a very important responsibility in the State Senate; he or she controls the debate and calls on senators to speak or introduce bills.

That role has always been oral. When a senator wishes to speak, he or she stands up and asks for the floor. However, there was an unusual challenge facing the Senate with Habib.

To prepare for his position, he worked with staffers to install a brand new braille system.

Each senator now has a control panel at his or her desk that triggers his or her name to be displayed in braille at the podium.

"It was a very unique situation," said Paul Campos, deputy secretary of the senate, who explained the system took seven months to install and cost $70,000.

Habib tested the system Thursday, and staffers reported it worked very well.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Assistive Technology Job Posting at WATAP

The WA Assistive Technology Program (WATAP) has an immediate opening
for an assistive technology specialist in Seattle.
Complete position details and the application process can be found at:
The Washington Assistive Technology Act Program within CHDD has an
outstanding opportunity for an Assistive Technology (AT)
Specialist/Continuing Education Specialist. who has excellent
experience in the delivery of AT demonstrations, conducting AT
evaluations and consultations, and in the development and delivery of
intensive hands-on training. A particular focus of this position will
be providing services to low-vision and blind individuals through the
AT and Independent Living Programs, and deaf-blind individuals through
the iCanConnect Washington Program, part of the National Deaf-Blind
Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP). This position will work
closely with the WATAP State Project Director, the iCanConnect
Services Coordinator for WA State, WATAP AT Specialists, and WATAP
Program Coordinator.
Assistive Technology Information and Outreach, Demonstration,
Assessment, Evaluation, and Consultation
Conduct and provide hands-on experiences, technical assistance, and
consultation with a particular focus on technologies that would
benefit low-vision, blind, and deaf-blind individuals to meet
telecommunication or independent living needs.  Also experience and
knowledge on a  wide range of assistive technology and accessible
electronic and information technology products for individuals of all
ages with disabilities in WA state including, but not limited to:
simple aids for daily living; Windows,
iOS, and Android hardware and software; adaptive switch and computer
access; learning, cognition, and mental health supports; seating and
positioning systems; augmentative and alternative communication
systems; and using creative off-the-shelf every-day objects to create
unique AT or adapt and modify existing technology and equipment is
Conduct AT evaluations and consultations. Assess an individual's
functional needs and match technology based on those needs. Provide
written documentation to support assessment and make recommendations
for technology and modifications.
Provide individualized set-up, training, and support for technologies
that would benefit low-vision, blind, and deaf-blind individuals to
meet telecommunication and independent living needs.
Conduct and facilitate public outreach events in communities across
the state that include presentations, device demonstrations and
consultations, and exhibits of other community resources. Targeted
groups include individuals with disabilities and their families,
disability professionals, educators, public agencies, nonprofit
organizations, health care facilities, employers and others in rural
and underserved communities including agricultural and tribal
Research, coordinate purchase of assistive technology products, and
support the creation of kits to be deployed during the public outreach
events and loaned to interested parties in the targeted groups.
Promote the WATAP short-term device lending program, iCanConnect WA,
Northwest Access Fund AT Low-Interest Loan and Match Savings programs,
and Evergreen Reuse Coalition during outreach events and
consultations. Assist in the development of promotional and other
marketing efforts for these events.
Assistive Technology Training
Conduct intensive, hands-on half-day to full-day workshop-style
trainings for professional audiences across the state.
Emphasis of the trainings will include thinking critically about and
incorporating technology into the home, school, and workplace for
individuals with disabilities to promote independence and
Develop and adapt technical content of curriculum to be used in
trainings. Targeted professional audiences include disability
professionals, educators, public agencies, health care facilities,
employers and others in rural and underserved communities including
agricultural and tribal communities. Sample topics include: AT for
sensory disabilities; AT for learning, cognition, and mental health;
school to post-K-12 or work transition planning; AT for computer
access, AT for agricultural and farm workers,
and Five-minute Off-the-Shelf AT Solutions. Utilize WATAP device
library, traveling computer lab, and kits referenced above during
these trainings.
Bachelor's degree in a technology or disability-related discipline,
such as special education, vocational rehabilitation, low vision
specialist, psychology, computer science, or allied health
(occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology).
Minimum two years professional experience supporting a variety of
assistive technologies and/or accessible electronic and information
Demonstrated expertise in training, demonstrating assistive
technology, and providing information and referral.
Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum
qualifications except where there are legal requirements such as
Professional licensure or RESNA Assistive Technology Practitioner
(ATP) or comparable certification preferred.  Knowledge of Braille.
Knowledge of American Sign Language.
This position will involve in-state travel, including some overnight,
and a flexible work schedule, including some evenings and weekends.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Supper delivery and Stevedore Service

Supper Delivery and post-Holiday Stevedore service
Sunday supper at RantMom's:

First RantWoman and RantMom dispatched the Christmas decorations, a manger scene embodied in a metal wreath, two family Santa Claus pillows, assorted ornaments..  back to their plastic bins. RantMom actually has 5 bins of Christmas decorations, but recent annual routines pull things out only of the top 2. This year the artificial tree that has served well for several years got moved along in the  Universe.

The stevedore part of the gig: RantWoman is needed to move around the cardboard boxes that serve as tree platform  and the plastic bins. The boxes are full of archaic format audio archives (cassette tapes from RantDad's music studio and other history). The plastic bins reside in a closet the outside of which also seems to grow storage containers including boxes, bags full of paper bags and other accumulation. Nothing is very heavy and RantWoman deploys good back and younger muscles so the work is light. RantWoman feels entitled to fret a little about RantMom and clutter but only a little until she gets a handle on her own clutter.

Then it was time for supper.

RantWoman "cooked." RantWoman likes to cook but when "cook" appears in quotes it tends to mean RantWoman purchased something neither she nor RantMom regularly cook for ourselves.

Last night's menu:

Asparagus quiche

Chopped kale etc salad with poppyseed dressing

Orzo salad

RantMom added fresh-baked apple crisp.

We were very well fed.

We also discussed a certain medical problem extremely common among people especially women of RantMom's age, not that the specific problem  will ever appear  anywhere with reference to rantMom attached. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Severe Weather Recommendations

RantWoman was all set to pen something helpful about dressing for the weather in Seattle (cover your knees, cover your butt, that is wear a coat long enough.., remember to put on gloves, outer layer needs to be windproof and water resistant.). Instead out stalked the Feline Staff, or at least the three cats RantWoman has shared extended household with. Readers may notice a trend.

DollBuggyBoy: a handsome tuxedo cat who came to live with the Rant Family as soon as he was weaned in the back yard of the neighbors the RantChildren could spy on from our attic playroom. RantWoman was already in school but Little Sister spent so much time being charmed that the move next door was practically a no-brainer.

DollBuggyBoy earned his nom de blog because he tolerated all sorts of Little Sister interventions in his life such as being dressed up in doll clothes, dragged around under his front legs with his back legs dangling, and riding around in a doll buggy. That is he tolerated this from Little Sister. He definitely did NOT tolerate this from RantWoman or RantBrother.

DollBuggyBoy was definitely an indoor / outdoor cat. He rewarded our family for this liberty by bringing us tokens of affection such as a baby skunk. DollBuggyBoy was never allowed upstairs to the bedrooms. Instead he slept on an old towel locked in a cold pantry in the kitchen. Compared to the snows and high altitude winter blasts outside, this was luxury.

The Queen of Meow, Montana born, reared to Mozart and whatever else the Rant Children's piano teacher listened to. The Queen of Meow spent the first few months of her life living in a Belltown studio with Little Sister and Brother in Law and the next year or so living indoors with someone else. When The Queen of Meow came to live with RantWoman though, RantWoman spent a few nights trying to sleep in the middle of the overnight cat speedway and decided that Cat was just going to HAVE to run off energy somehow.  The Queen of Meow took VERY well to being an indoor / outdoor cat with many adventures to tell about. The main winter weather point: she was also an indoor / out door cat happy even to try some outdoor options when she moved with RantWoman to RantWoman's current abode. By this time RantWoman was an adult and happy to allow The Queen of Meow to sleep with her.

This only looks like a lumpy purple blanket
The Queen of Spades
recommendation for
coping with Severe Weather
The Queen of Spades came to live with RantWoman a good while after mouth cancer swallowed the Queen of Meow. The Queen of Spades is Seattle-born and was an outdoor cat teenage mom. She was an indoor / outdoor cat until she came to live with RantWoman and since then seemingly quite happy only an indoor cat.

The Queen of Spades knows nothing of MT but if she did would probably think RantWoman's standards of temperature control and ventilation are just WAY too Montana.
Here is the Queen of Spades' recommendations about coping with severe weather!

Going to be in Boston? Check out this event at the Schlesinger Library

If RantWoman were going to be in Boston in the next little while she would definitely check out this photo exhibit at Harvard's Schlesinger Library.

Full disclosure: RantWoman knows at least one of the featured photographers AND may or maynot appear in some of the photos.

Schlesinger Library Exhibit: photos of women's protest movememtns