Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Birthday Cake with charging cords

RantMom turned 80 on Sunday. She was well feted at her church and the RantSisters decided we could best pull of a modest family gathering.  So Sunday Supper at RantMom's had more people, pizza, cake and ice cream than average.

Little Sister was in charge of the pizza order and pick up. RantWoman was the one in charge of cake and ice cream; RantWoman decided that RantMom needed chocolate icing and mint moose tracks icecream. RantMom was generously agreeable to all of it.

Well maybe not all of it because RantWoman and Irrepressible Nephew both spent more time than is polite with our faces in our devices. Irrepressible Nephew did inform RantWoman that her new Pixel phone has a USB C port, that there was an appropriate cord available and thus that the cord that came with the phone is probably the culprit in charging difficulties.

Happy Birthday again to RantMom

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Not yet a relic

One big reason RantWoman still has a land line: the receiver is easier to hold than RantWoman's smartphone

Phone with receiver and tactile buttons

Monday, November 13, 2017

Beware of the Car Movie Renton Highlands Nov. 26

RantWoman has a schedule conflict but this event sounds like great fun if you like Russian comedies wit English subtitles.

Seattle Russian Language Meetup
Added by Victoria Shaman James
Sunday, November 26, 2017
1:30 PM
Renton Highlands Library
2902 NE 12th Street
Renton, WA 98056
Are you going?
You're invited to the second screening of Russian comedy film . This time we are going on a journey to the 60-s. The motion picture is in Russian with English subtitles. Just like last time, we will serve Russian tea with ginger cookies and sweets. T...

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Euphemism, Dysphemisms Boogers, Poop, and in the middle brand placement, bilingually from Super Holly

If RantWoman were a more sedate language professional, this blog would include tidy tags and orderly presentations of linguistic nuances from many different life domains.

If you need orderly presentation, there are some links to the right. If you just want the occasional peaks of piquantness which swim to the top of RantWoman's infostreams, here is an excellent example. Enjoy!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Susan Mazrui: Flirting with Standup.

RantWoman from time to time flirts with the idea of expanding her world presence beyond the infowebs and taking up live standup comedy.

RantWoman started with Her Joke, a joke she first learned in high school Spanish Class. RantWoman has told the joke in several countries in three languages. The Verdict has been fairly consistent: about 10% of listeners find the joke absolutely hilarious. The other 90% suggest RantWoman not quit her day job. It did work better one time for RantWoman to repeat the joke in Spanish after telling it in English. The second time the whole room laughed. Counting on a bilingual audience is probably not a reliable strategy though.

Anyway,  so far, except when RantWoman has told Her Joke,  every time RantWoman has tried standup, much mirth has resulted. RantWoman has not gone so far, though, as to take classes. Here is what happened when someone RantWoman knows DID take a class.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

UnNameTags and Other Nuggets

Nuggets of Advice related to seniors in RantWoman's orbit who are transitioning to retirement communities:

1. The Marketing department is probably not going to tell you about the jackhammers. RantWoman has visited the new home of a dear friend, known affectionately as Grandma FF. RantWoman has not visited at a weekday hour when the jackhammers working on various flavors of construction at the facility are in operation. RantWoman suggested a noise cancelling sound source of some kind as well as completely ear-covering headphones. At first RantWoman's friend demurred but then she accidentally stumbled onto something quite satisfactory at Best Buy.

2. Via Sunday Supper with RantMom conversation: RantWoman has her own custom reusable UnNameTag. The UnNameTag says "Please Tell me Your Name" on one side in the largest letters that will fit. On the other side it has RantWoman's name. There is a yarn hanger to go around RantWoman's neck. The UnNameTag is larger than the usual paper label and is laminated, laminated in fact with the plastic sheet material RantWoman uses for some kinds of Braille labeling. When people ask about the UnNameTag RantWoman says she cannot read other people's nametags unless she is indecently close.
    RantMom has a church buddy who has just moved into a different retirement community. She cannot read nametags at all no matter how near or far she is. RantWoman does not know Church Buddy at all, but RantWoman is THRILLED to hear that the unNameTag concept is helping her get to know all her new neighbors.   
   RantWoman has also just spent a weekend at a state blindness convention. One always exciting adventure point of blindness conventions is people learning their way around a hotel including rooms, restaurant or dining options, and meeting or activity spaces. At conventions there are usually flocks of volunteers to assist but RantWoman imagines that learning to navigate a new home would also be a challenge and sends RantMom's Church buddy much care and support about that!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

NASA Hadley School Science webinars

Via the American Council of the Blind and the Hadley school for the Blind , cool science webinars, url's left ragtged for now, sorry.
Did this year’s solar eclipse fascinate you? NASA and Hadley put together a series of webinars about the eclipse, the solar system, and extreme weather that may also interest you.
·         Here is the link to the NASA-Hadley "The Birth and Eventual Death of Our Solar System" webinar:
·         Here is the link to the NASA-Hadley "Extreme Weather: Studying the Impact of Water" webinar:
·         Here is the link to the NASA-Hadley Explore the “Solar Eclipse” webinar: