Sunday, January 21, 2018

Delta wants to introduce onerous new service animal practices on March 1

Delta introduces tighter regulations for support animals

Delta introduces tighter support animal regulations

RantWoman encountered the item above on Facebook unencumbered either in the article or in comments by what RantWoman would consider articulate commentary about the Department of Justice definition of service animal, the department of Transportation definition of Service Animal, the Air Transport act, and probably a bunch of other legal standards.

Oops. RantWoman needed to click another link to read Delta's reasoning.
Delta introduces new practices for customers travellingwith service and supoprt animals

One basic issue: what qualifies as a service animal for airline travel and do emotional support animals count?

Even with thoughts of voluntary compliance with some kind of standard,
President Gropeasaurus is busy shredding regulations left and right. So who knows what one can actually count on as far as legal framework. RantWoman is not a lawyer anyway. In keeping with the "mental housekeeping" aspect of this blog, the comments here are first-pass reflections. It's just that the reflections are longer than RantWoman wants to try to fit on a Facebook comment.

RantWoman is torn:

RantWoman thinks frequent flyers should be able to register some minimum level of information for free. This might include information about whether one travels with a service animal so gate staff would know whether to plan for an animal needing relief.RantWoman would be happy to think further about why have this info in a permanent database instead of handed off the day of flights; RantWoman also ardently HOPES ground staff are well enough trained to know where relief areas are located in different airports.

RantWoman thinks an outrageous fee and intrusive registration process would probably deter the sort of people who bring the kind of  poorly-trained animals everywhere. RantWoman for instance has in mind Wonder Hound, who is iffy at best about basic obedience, has snap and bite issues sometimes and RantWoman has no idea about behaviors with other animals. RantWoman does not think stopping such problems before they arrive at the airport or board a plane would be a bad thing. Of COURSE this approach presents barriers, which is probably why other options are needed.

RantWoman is SOMEWHAT willing to entertain discussion about other species as emotional support animals. But RantWoman would have a one strike and your are out policy about any form of excrement or behavior issue. That means if an emotional support animal misbehaves on the outbound leg of a trip, animal and handle have to find another way home.

Okay, RantWoman is trying to be broad-minded except RantWoman is trying to imagine where in the average aircraft one puts an emotional support llama. RantWoman is intrigued by llamas in general but does not get too excited about, say, sharing a bulkhead with one.

(Since RantWoman has taken up travel with Ambassador Thwack the white cane, RantWoman tends to get seated on the front bulkhead. RantWoman needs the legroom. Ambassador Thwack has managed to fold up demurely. RantWoman also has not thought to test how well Ambassador Thwack the Anger Management consultant would play in airline databases.)

If the emotional support turkey can wear a diaper and respond to commands, some of the time RantWoman is willing to consider. Some of the time.

Local jurisdictions have the option of recognizing specific species and granting them status as service animals. RantWoman thinks if someone has gone to the trouble to attain local recognition, interstate commerce regulations require other entities including other jurisdictions and entities to recognize the status and the animal should have free one-time registration the same as say guide dogs.

Besides a number of guide dogs who visit from time to time the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing has a couple customers with bona fide service dogs including some level of training, not just an official-looking vest. Unfortunately they are small dogs and therefore reactive to the kind of high-pitch noises emitted by some computers and also common around aircraft. RantWoman prefers not to have the resulting level of dog distress and the dogs handlers actually seem to concur. As far as travel, RantWoman would recommend considering other options if possible.

And the service lizard that can detect that its human is going to have a seizure in time to signal so the human can take anti-seizure meds. In the interest of economizing health care dollars, RantWoman is happy to travel with the lizard.

Which would RantWoman rather have in the seat next to her on a long flight, a flock of someone's emotional support chickens or President Gropasaurus? RantWoman would definitely go for the chickens!

Okay, now bring on the lawyers and the disability rights and consumer advocates.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Amazon appears in the court of peeves.

(Mention of Trademarked products implies recognition of the trademark. RantWoman is not doing any further lookups tonight.)

RantWoman probably should not just provide free consulting. RantWoman should demand at least the usual hourly rate she commands for telling ecommerce and telecomm giants her opinions.

Tough. It is nerd heaven on Saturday night and ranting at Amazon MAY keep RantWoman out of worse trouble. Maybe.

1. RantWoman had to spend the precious time she and Little Sister have during bus travel  to talk on the phone listening to Little Sister's account of spending at least 10 hours trying to renew a Prime subscription that has come for several years from a benefactress. There was moving involved. There was discussions about different rates for Prime subscriptions in different cities. There were several variations of utter (RantWoman's terms) customer service witlessness, the sort of customer service witlessness that can have HUGE impact on a family of modest means if something gets charged the wrong way as indeed seems to have  occurred multiple times.


Wariness about exactly this sort of fiasco is one of the things that keeps RantWoman from signing up for Prime even though Prime has worked really well for Little Sister and RantMom. In our totally transit-dependent family, free delivery alone and free delivery either to Little Sister's or to la caja de Amazon at a grocery store near RantMom's probably mean Little Sister should do a cost-benefit analysis and ... But never mind: part of the RantSister contract is that Little Sister has to find other paths to wisdom than RantWoman sometimes. And RantWoman still gets to be grateful for the family anecdotes about what works.

RantWoman found herself actually glad the bus was too noisy and somehow the call got disconnected for a moment. When the RantSisters reconnected there was plenty else to talk about but there is enough steam rising from ears for both Little Sister and rantWoman over the Prime renewal fiasco.

2. Home comes RantWoman and sits down for a wild evening of internetting. RantWoman is easily seduced. Tonight's vehicle: a "survey" offering RantWoman a $50 Amazon reward  for completing a survey.


The survey was multiple choice without any option even for saying something when one checks Other. RantWoman tends to check Other a lot on all kinds of surveys.

RantWoman's various thoughts that do not fit anywhere as the questions were asked.

--RantWoman has a Kindle Fire. RantWoman was grumblingthe other day about how much she loves Vibrate on Touch on her phone and how much it drives RantWoman crazy that her Fire does not have it. RantWoman likes some features about her Fire but is not wild about others. So, what to check for that question?

--RantWoman generally prefers shopping directly on known websites rather than sorting through overabundance on Amazon. This times about 50 when like Google, RantWoman keeps getting presented and has to wade through ads she already knows she is not going to care about.

Sure. Answer the age question honestly. That way when Amazon offers rewards, the options will include anti-wrinkle cream, some kind of tooth-picking device and some testosterone anti-aging thing. All plus a designer handbag were listed as free except for cost of shipping, way less than $50. The ONLY thing RantWoman was vaguely interested in, besides an older model iPod listed as out of stock was the handbag; even that though has to pass the touch and feel test before RantWoman is willing even to think about admitting it to her already cluttered apartment.

There. Thank you for reading.

Now on to the next item in the In Need of rant Inbox.

Oprah Winfrey Receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award - Golden Globes 2018

RantWoman will not be able to go to Womxn's March 2.0. RantWoman went and scheduled an event. So RantWoman is hereby publishing a video of a much-lauded speech. RantWoman is in awe of the speech. Not in awe enough to be ready to jump on the Oprah should run for President Bandwagon but in awe enough to think she should definitely consider it.

Oprah Winfrey Golden Globes speech transcript

Shovel Ready; capital Budget JUST IN TIME?

RantWoman presents a moment from her meeting diet plus Twitter. RantWoman was a t a meeting on January 10 where the presenter from @WLIHA spoke of the need for the WA state Legislature to pass the capital budget left over from the end of last year's marathon legislative session. There was a campaign about #shovelready schools and #fairhousing projects all over the state. The campaign also included the point that money from the capital budget would, among other things, add resources to the Housing Trust fund. The money in the housing trust fund would serve as match for federal housing tax credits due to expire this week, on January 17.

As indicated by the tweet below, the capital budget passed January 18. RantWoman has not figured out for sure but is very hopeful that this is in time to use the tax credits.

Meeting doodle for all the
#shovelready projects depending
on the WA capital budget
WA Housing Alliance @WLIHA Jan 18
! Thanks to the tireless efforts of our advocates, and especially , tonight we can say there is finally a Capital Budget, and it includes $106.7 million for the Housing Trust Fund!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Nerd Heaven: Norway? The I-90 Freeway station Online Open House? Take your pick.

Tonight's round of Nerd Fun:

1. Contemplate emigration to Norway? Are you disgusted with the president's racist fulminations? How about moving to Norway? Anyone with the slightest amount of sense will realize that, even if for example Los Angeles is overrun by pickled herring outlets,  people from Norway are much less likely to want to move to the US than the reverse. Here is a link to get you started making plans::


2. Want to stick closer to home? How about an online open house related the Judkins Park / I-90 Sound Transit station construction processes? Briefly:

--The I90 bus stops above Rainier at I 90 will close in September 2018.

--There will be lots of changes to Metro and Sound Transit routes as construction occurs; after the new station opens there will be other adjustments.

Here is the link to the Online Open House; it also includes dates for 3 in-person events. AND for bonus, there are options to translate the content into one of several languages. The buttons RantWoman tried do indeed produce content albeit abbreviated in languages RantWoman is familiar with. 

Online Open House I-90 station Service changes

RantWoman admits to being a little skeptical of online Open House concept but willing to try it.

That means the first thing RantWoman will do is put one of the in-person meetings into her (VERY analog) calendar. The date did get entered  correctly; RantWoman is a little confused about what appeared though as she was checking the fields. RantWOman does not want to troubleshoot right now.

One thing RantWoman would like is the option of seeing (and even voting up or down) other people's comments. RantWoman appreciates knowing the range of views especially when they may differ from her own. But a good conversation can also develop from people riffing on each other's ideas. Hello social media.

Elevators: RantWoman has heard a rumor that a second elevator is back in the picture. The second elevator would save people especially including blind and deaf-blind people who may work nearby having to cross the tracks some of the time. That would be very nice, and nice no matter how much RantWoman wants to believe engineers about low risk because trains are moving slowly. Stay tuned.

Meeting at a bus stop? Okayyyy. Could be noisy and rainy.

RantWoman has a pretty good idea of the bus routings and is glad there will be stops at Rainier and Charles. That sounds like a big improvement over more movement in the neighborhood, the option presented at an earlier round of public participation.

RantWoman is still in "inquiring minds want to know" mode though about pedestrian and bicycle flows at the new station. At the last event RantWoman attended, it seemed like there was lots of potential for streams of high-powered bicycle commuters to intersect with pedestrian flows on the 23rd Avenue side of the station. RantWoman would actually appreciate having SOMETHING about any evolution in thinking  to review in the on-line open house.

3. No actually, RantWoman is not this much of a nerd tonight. Another Light Rail Station is opening near RantWoman's faith community and RantWoman thinks but is not going to check tonight that there are points worth paying attention to already on the calendar about that station too. BUt not tonight!

Monday, January 15, 2018

For MLK day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford - "The other America" 1967

The very least RantWoman finds it reasonable to do in observance of Martin Luther King day is to watch agood speech. That effort willnot be adequate to the occasion, but RantWoman expects more options will come to mind as the day progresses.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Star Trek Parody-Carol Burnett Show

This item is HILARIOUS. Never mind about #MeToo and #TimesUP issues. Also wait until you see the Klingon