Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dispatches from the Fear Mongers' Shop

RantWoman owes the world some p-p-paperwork! LOTS of paperwork.

As a result, a whole bunch of other topics suddenly look fascinating.

Someone else's homework RantWoman is an expert advisor for. Words overdue.
First the Paperwork...

The half-life of the science projects always ready to spring forth from RantWoman's refrigerator. Forget the science projects. It would be nice if the sesame seeds would spring forth.

Gravity. Gravity mixed with RantWoman's cellphone. Gravity mixed with lemons on a white floor.

At least an online awareness training for someone's caregiver. RantWoman was lurking at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for extreme computeing before it officially opened. A customer arrived. As is RantWoman's wont, customer was welcomed.

Customer got started herself but asked RantWoman for help about something. Customer asked, but the task was too visual. Customer had trouble with RantWoman's directions. RantWoman could not see to offer visual cues. RantWoman said, someone else will be due soon. But adept customer figured out what was needed on her own. Yeah incrementally adept customer. Yeah digital inclusion.

Did the training include the fact that flu and gunfire kill many thousands more people in the US every year than Ebola?

On balance, RantWoman thinks her choice of which tweet streams to send to her text messaging is more useful than negative. On balance.

Could RantWoman live without tidings of another shooting mere brlocks from the Friendly Neighborhood Center ...? One guy to the hospital with a leg wound. Another guy at large. Schools nearby sheltering in place. Chopper overhead for awhile.

The paperwork. The paperwork.

This concludes this afternoon's dispatches from the Fearmongers' shop.

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