Friday, October 17, 2014

Naked, Rattled, Sauted: Shakeout

RantWoman did participate in the yesterday's Great Shakeout, sort of.

RantWoman participated naked and does not apologize if this is too much information for anyone's delicate sensibilities. RantWoman was again reminded that Drop, cover and hold, sound great as instructions but in her domicile, the drop means difficulties about getting up and the cover means moving chairs out of her way. RantWoman decided she would simply note hazards and resolve to be otherwise situated when The Big One hits.

Either that or...

RantWoman was naked in front of open blinds. RantWoman lives behind the Lighthouse for the Blind. There are LOTS of trees and RantWoman lives on the 6th floor.  On the SLIGHT chance that there is anyone with sufficient vision, satisfactory binoculars, line of sight and taste in lumpy bodies who might have looked in--and been able to see all the way to RantWoman's stove, RantWoman will hope when  The Big One hits that whoever can watch under those circumstances will realize there might be someone or more than one someone in RantWoman's building who will need a lot of help!

RantWoman did not plan during the drill to be standing at her stove, naked, stirring, sauteing chopped carrots, onions, parsnips without a potholder. RantWoman would be in danger of getting conked on the head by boxes of tea, some of it very out of date herbal tea, and by the pots and pans she is tall enough to store ON TOP of her high cupboards. RantWoman could at least be wearing an apron when the big one hits.  A potholder would not hurt too.

Now RantWoman will update her 3+ days supply of bottled water and bottled water in small enough bottles that some can be given away in a pinch.

RantWoman participated naked because on the way to taking her morning shower, it occurred to RantWoman that a recent shopping trip yielded fresh parsnips and several options for pumpkin everything. RantWoman's larder abounds with lentils right now and RantWoman recently learned an awesome recipe for Lentils provencal that involves roasted carrots, parsnips, onions.

The emergency alert came on the radio.

The stew did occur.

RantWoman did finally get her shower.

Today RantWoman is highly entertained by statistics from the website about who signed up to participate:

In fact, mention of participant categories reminded RantWoman she can have another conversation about something or other at her faith community.

And the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme  Computing has some needs so RantWoman will remind people who do not want to go to an internet security training that there is a disaster prepraredness event coming up the same day.

And RantWoman will find some more Spanish language materials to bestow on Little Sister's household or quiz Irrepressible Nephew about whether they did anything at his s school.


now RantWoman will resume fretting about ebola, gun violence, female gamers threatened by gun violence, social media and a sex offender not compliant with conditions of release, global climate change....

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