Friday, October 10, 2014

Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Community Walk October 12.

RantWoman has a schedule conflict about the Seattlle suicide prevention walk mentioned below. RantWoman is posting this partly in memory of

--One friend who shot himself 10 years ago. He was able to buy the gun he used despite having already been hospitalized 3 times within a year for suicide attempts.

--Another friend who died 25 years ago, in a horrible accident but who alhad had attempted suicide several years earlier.

Here is the link to the local event

Here is a plea from someone RantWoman knows writing in memory of his son. RantWoman heartily encourages anyone who is able to make a contribution whether you go on the walk or not!

Suicide IS preventable.
For 'my' Ben it is too late. For others it is NOT TOO LATE. I've been enjoying fishing this year with Christien and Mason, Ben's two sons. While enjoying that time, I couldn't help but recall the fond memories of taking Ben fishing when he was their age. It was supposed to be him taking them fishing. He loved his children deeply. It was supposed to be him... I love and miss him deeply. Join with me and Ben's family by making a pledge in our Out of the Darkness Walk on Sun. Oct. 12th , benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).
Suicide IS preventable.
WALK with me, consider a contribution please.
Geoff Shelton, Ben's dad.

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