Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eggnog. Braille. Panini


RantWoman would theoretically prefer not to have anything to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving. RantWoman makes an exception for eggnog. RantWoman in the last couple days has enjoyed both an eggnog milkshake and and eggnog latte.

See recently RantWoman received a Starbucks gift card, a Braille Starbucks gift card, the perfect excuse to eat lunch at Starbucks.

First RantWoman must digress about the experience of the Braille gift card: the card has Starbucks on it in uncontracted Braille. It could just as easily have a tactile version of the Starbucks logo. Then maybe it would be easily findable by people who are blind but do not read braille. RantWoman does read braille. RantWoman appreciates gift cards whether they have braille on them or not but definitely considers it easier to find the right gift card if there is some kind of tactile clue to its origin. Call this a qualified endorsement.

Now back to the dining experience: RantWoman over the summer became quite fond of Starbucks savory croissants, both spinach and squash on whole wheat dough, the kind of whole wheat that leaves one with a lovely nutty flavor on top of the vegetable goodness.. RantWoman is unclear whether they were an option this time.

RantWoman wound up being seduced by a turkey and stuffing panin. There was nothing seductive in the plastic packaging in the cooler but somehow the lighting at the counter won RantWoman over. That is a good thing because RantWoman finds the lighting and signage at a typical Starbucks unhelpful because of bright lights at eye level and  print RantWoman is always foolishly tempted to try to read. Other hint: half the time the fastest way to see waht is available is just to listen to what other customers might be ordering.

Anyway, the thing came out of its sad plastic packaging and a trip through the microwave and went into a nice hot bakery bag. Brilliant except RantWoman was in a hurry and wanted to eat on the go, but not to have to fight gravity and juggle a hot sandwich trying not to lose its filling. Definitely not lose the filling, or the outside either. Crispy panini, slightly mushy stuffing and turkey mix. Piping hot from microwave.

What ELSE to grumble about?
The stuffing needed more vegetables, onion, celery, herbs. It would be very difficult to have too much celery around RantWoman. Yes, RantWoman knows opinions about celery are quite varied. RantWoman would also think to include either fresh or dried cranberries or raisins. But who knows whether RantWoman will even be a repeat customer!

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