Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Survey: invitation to fantasize about a food and nutrition app

The survey at the bottom of the post came to RantWoman via the Nebraska Council of the Blind.

It is clearly market research, but it is also a great opportunity to fantasize about features one might want in a mobile app related to grocery shopping. It also has more than enough open-ended fields to satisfy RantWoman's need sometimes to respecify survey questions.

--For example, RantWoman's inclination to pay for such an app is ZERO unless it has some privacy features such as being able to scan barcodes from multiple places. into a private list and then check her list against prices at different stores.

--RantWoman might want to work her weekly or shopping list, recipe library, menu, on a website on a bigger device than her mobile phone and then have something brief available for mobile.

--RantWoman is always a giant advocate of designing accessibility in from the beginning AND RantWoman thinks doing so is garden variety reasonable accommodation. RantWoman wants it to work from the first release of the app and to work with other features the same ways other people access info.

With those comments to bias feedback,, er invite readers to riff on such themes, here goes:

This is a feasibility study for an app idea, as part of a group assignment for class. He is
requesting help to complete this survey for the feasibility study. The
survey should take no more than 5-7 minutes and any help is greatly
appreciated.  I took the survey and it is completely accessible.  Please
circulate this survey far and wide.

Here is the survey: http://goo.gl/forms/8Ztl6j5pLL

RantWoman has no idea how long thesurvey is open and encourages readers to get your licks in sooner rather than later.

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