Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas: Presents. Footwear, not retail

RantWoman wishes to express deep appreciation to the universe for delivering this year THREE pairs of basically hand-me-down shoes, and not just 3 pairs, but 3 pairs that RantWoman can and plausibly will wear!

Christmas Tree at RantMom's
RantWoman MEANT to post the photos below for Cyber Monday. That is, instead of poking her keyboard and credit card out into the whirlwind of #CyberMonday electronic commerce, RantWoman spent CyberMonday fussing with the pictures below. RantWoman MEANT to hold forth about situations such as footwear which, in RantWoman's experience, it makes NO Sense even to try by mail order.

Photo logistics are only part of the problem, but that is where RantWoman got stuck.

RantWoman snapped the photos on her Smartphone. Chronology geek note: RantWoman has owned her Smartphone for slightly more than a year. Only in the last couple months has RantWoman reliably been able to produce photos. RantWoman also is unprepared to examine issues with uploading pictures to her blogs. RantWoman simply wants to focus on the minimally cyber elements of shoe acquisition.

Understand, RantWoman is the oldest child. RantWoman has big feet. RantWoman has little experience, good or bad with hand-me-downs. So RantWoman is deeply amused to wind up with 3 pairs of shoes all basically hand-me-downs.
Sandals via e-BayPair 1: someone bought off e-bay. They did not fit him and he asked RantWoman whether they fit. YES, and they are a model that RantWoman has wanted. YES!

Thrift Store Score
Pair two: the only thing electronic in this acquisition was the cellphone call from Caregiver Drama friend informing RantWoman of the find, the price, and the option of having the shoes delivered. RantWoman assessed the likelihood that she would be imperfectly pleased but forged ahead anyway. For RantWoman's trouble, RantWoman has a pair of dress shoes she can at least walk about her building in. The shoes do not have the level of support RantWoman prefers but the price is right and the delivery option did not hurt, even if the delivery driver wanted lunch when she arrived. Hand-me-downs from RantMom

Pair Three: Hand-me-downs from RantMOM. RantMom really does not do electronic commerce for much of anything. She definitely acquired these by taking her large and calloused and variously age-enhanced feet to the Wide Shoes store and trying shoes ON. RantMom and RantWoman both sometimes have to argue with shoe salesmen who try to tell us we need shoes about half a size shorter than we know work best.

RantWoman is unsure what all details of these shoes made them unworkable for RantMom. RantWoman is definitely grateful that RantMom figured this out before the shoes developed too much RantMOM imprint to make them workable for RantWoman. RantWoman is also grateful that the shoes just came up in conversation one night during one of RantWoman's Sunday supper with RantMom evenings and then came home that very night.

One more production process digression: RantWOman is basically unskilled in HTML and managed to achieve all of the text flowing around pictures through sundry visual trail and error efforts. RantWoman does not apologize for a couple layout idiosyncrasies but does suggest that there may be tipds for reproducing this flow elsewhere. These tips may be lurking in the HTML that Blogger generated in response to RantWoman's efforts. Probably if RantWoman is worried about visual effects she may just work harder at having someone with more visual layout sense in the picture. Maybe.

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