Friday, January 16, 2015

Memorial Saturday January 17 to honor Leo Almanzor

RantWoman urges readers immediately to read this item from the Seattle Bike Blog and the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways project about a memorial walk saturday January 18 to remember and honor Leo Almanzor

RantWoman extends heartfelt condolences to Mr. Almenzor's family and loved ones.

RantWoman deeply regrets that she probably will not be able to attend this memorial because of a schedule conflict but is very concerned about pedestrian safety and walkability.

RantWoman also hereby calls out the hit-and-run driver who caused this death. RantWoman hopes that the driver either turns himself / herself in or gets turned in IMMEDIATELY by someone who notices something or remembers something or caught something by chance in a cellphone photo or...
RantWoman wishes the driver not a moment's rest until this is made right.

RantWoman thinks all the extremely judgmental things in the paragraph above


RantWoman can also EASILY imagine a driver not seeing a pedestrian wearing dark clothing who is only within the driver's headlight tunnel vision for a fraction of a moment and heaven help the driver who is not looking at precisely that moment.

RantWoman does not at all think it is blaming the accident victim to point out that ANSI class II reflective gear helps ensure that pedestrians are visible to drivers at distances that give the driver time to see and respond and stop without hitting the pedestrian.

RantWoman APPLAUDS employers and public programs like ACCESS that hand out reflective gear.

RantWoman also encourages anyone required to be out at night to PLEASE protect themselves.

RantWoman uses bicycle pants clips.

RantWoman creats her own zipper pulls out of reflective plastic tape and ponytail holders.

RantWoman sews reflective tape onto all kinds of things.

RantWoman even fantasizes about meeting a fashion designer who might help RantWoman creat reflective clothing that would could deliberately and fashionably choose to wear to, say the opera.

RantWoman is too happy to tell anyone who asks taht she is allergic to getting run over.

RantWoman notes this additional item from right after the accident

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