Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year: BAHFest West 2014 - Catherine Hofler: Why Cats Sprint Out of the Room fo...


RantWoman deeply appreciates this item of academic and holiday cheer for:

--Truly awesome application of various strands of pseudoscientific vocabulary.

--Highly entertaining inferences drawn within the context of the pseudoscientific vocabulary.

--Death by Powerpoint elements including both items unreadable by a screen reader and lack of audio description of images.

--Other barriers to accessibility / celebrations of incomplete effort such as the sign language interpreter being visible in only part of the video.

Nevertheless, anything combining Powerpoint and the phrase "Crazy Cat lady" is guaranteed to make RantWoman smile. RantWoman is unsure whether the Queen of Spades even has an opinion about the explanatory value of this narrative, but she certainly interrupts moments of demanding that RantWoman serve as warm cat furniture to sprint out of the room for no reason obvious to RantWoman.

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