Sunday, January 25, 2015

White Canes, Sidewalk A-boards. Manners. "Accidents."

RantWoman is holding the Court of Peeves about various issues to do with blindness, blind people, use of white canes.

First RantWoman feels obliged to post a positive constructive video full of smiling people who navigate things like planters successfully.

In the realm of sowing coonfusion willy-nilly, with the software RantWoman uses to blow things up and the temerity to use that phrase even though RantWoman is aware it could be misinterpreted, RantWoman has chosen this video of a person using what can be identified by the black bands around the white cane as a folding or collapsible cane. RantWoman has chosen this cane in direct contrast to the near-religious zeal of some people who insist that the only tru white canes are the non-collapsible long ones with metal tips. RantWoman does not apologize for boring bystanders with esoterica about this religious war but does suggest moving on to the video.

Enough of that positive, constructive, smiley stuff. Now we see the reasons sometimes a person is tempted to call in the Ambassador Thwack School of Debris Management and Percussive Pedagogy.

It's not really that RantWoman WANTS all this sidewalk signage to have the "accidents" it is so ardently begging for, it's just that, well, accidents happen.

Same goes for the combined effects of gravity and RantWoman's knee on a low-lying beer display in the AISLE, not in the cooler of a brandname store RantWoman is otherwise happy to visit. This brandname store offers a number of positive community gestures including making sure fresh fruit is available and providing customers who ask for them talking prescription labels. Look, RantWoman is GLAD to patronize your store but does not feel the least bit contrite about the beer display. Word!

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