Thursday, February 19, 2015

Manage like an Egyptian

RantWoman has heard some wag say of Facebook that its users are like ancient Egyptians: they like to write on walls and worship cats. RantWoman would take exception to the word "worship" but offers opportunities to appreciate one of her official emotional support animals.

Meet the Queen of Spades, RantWoman's office manager, she who has dominion over RantWoman's household.

No, she is not very cooperative with the photo ID issue.

Nor does she mop floors, wrangle refrigerator science projects or scrub the bathtub.

She tends to help edit--by sitting or lying on the keyboard or by attacking RantWOman's fingers as she types.

She tends to demand that RantWoman serve fulltime as cat furniture.

Sometimes RantWoman's idea of emotional support does not include biting RantWoman's toes after breakfast, scratching RantWoman's legs while RantWoman gets dressed, or biting and scratching when RantWoman is already upset.

And yet RantWoman feeds her, provides water, tends to other needs.

Go figure!

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