Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bike the Commute?

Eureka: RantWoman has figured out a strategy for participating in #HackThe Commutte.

Relevant points for this post:

--RantWoman IS seriously job-hunting but what you see is what you get. It takes WAY too much energy for RantWoman to pretend she is other than who she is. So let's talk about how RantWoman adds value.

--It's not just the technology; it's the connections that happen and how the technology enriches / enhances / simplifies the rest of life.

With that as an intro: for all rantWoman's bicycle-loving peeps, tweeps...
#HackTheCommute SPD busts Bike thieves
RantWoman notes several useful items on the above page.
RantWoman has LOTS of friends who bicycle. RantWoman is really glad not only to have friends who bicycle A LOT; RantWoman is also glad that most of her friends who bicycle get that bicycles and pedestrians have overlapping interests in concepts like #compeletestreets BUT should NOT be forced to co-exist on the same pathways.

RantWoman deeply esteems bicyclists and bicycle stores for all sorts of serious enhanced visibility options which work awesomely for pedestrians too. RantWoman always especially enjoys the "Martians have Landed" look sported by the hardy souls who bicycle in wintery Seattle

Two figures on tandem bike, from Google image livbrary

RantWoman herself used to bicycle a long time ago. This was in the hoary mists of last century; RantWoman only managed to plow the side of her face with the worst vision into immobile objects a couple times.

RantWoman actually would LOVE to bicycle again but bicycling while blind SHOULD make people nervous.Still, RantWoman would love to connect with someone willing to think about tandem biking with someone of RantWoman's proportions. Word!

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