Monday, March 9, 2015

Color Blindness (the eyes, not the race relations, this time.

RantWoman sometimes peers up from her own fixations to collect info about specific disabilities and conditions. Conveniently, RantWoman discovered three fun Youtube channels--and a cool website for developing color palettes according to WCAG guidelines.

RantWoman enjoyed this item--in spite of the author finding the whole subjtect of color blindness depressing. Readers whow watch via Youtube can find a whole channel of other videos.
(Warning: "It's in British.")

And a more science-y take on the whole topic. RantWoman did not realize that 8% of men worldwide and 10% of white men have some degree of color blindness. The guys in the video are very good-natured about women's capacity to see more colors. (RantWoman is intrigued and will meditate about what evolutionary value this gender-based disparity in ability brings.)

Because RantWoman has a twisted sense of humor and because the colors people see in a certain dress have been much in the news,  RantWoman is throwing in another video that also has a fun channel.

Tips for making WCAG Colorsafe palettes:

And another "I am not an expert but here are some resources about color contrast" item.
RantWoman note: color contrast is important for visual accessibility. Choices in this area also affect how webpages which show as color on the screen will print in black and white. Fun times!

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