Saturday, March 28, 2015

Getting the city's goats

Traffic in Seattle was particularly brutal this last week. At least three days various events and accidents induced MASSIVE widespread near-total traffic constipation. RantWoman mostly learned of this in her tweetstream; however, RantWoman lives near a driver relief location; RantWoman learned of a few bus details just from hanging out with drivers needing to use the restrooms. YEAH @KCMetrobus drivers!

By way of amusement and diversion, RantWoman dedicates this #hackthecommute #whydrive entertainment item to:

--everyone she knows or has ever known who raises goats

--the local blackberry control legions and their eminently hireable goatherds.

--@SeattlePD, Seattle's finest who this week both corralled a runaway bunch of goats in an episode their own tweeter refers to as "Masterpiece Theater: the Great Goatsby" and coped with Revenge of the Salmon and the capsized Semi-truck.

Who knew Dashboard cams would be so good for the news stream?

And an item from 2009

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