Monday, March 9, 2015

Gigabit Internet if only: The Lion Sleeps tonight with Bagpipes!

RantWoman's day opened with a radio news item about Google Kansas City, Gigabit fiber.

In some neighborhoods, less than 20% of Kansas City households have internet access at all.
Customers are still trying to figure out what to do with all that bandwidth.

Here are some authentic RantWoman ideas:

There is always RantWoman's kitchen, particularly the science projects. Uhhhhh.

Saturday night live: not the TV show. RantWoman recently spent her Saturday night simultaneously:
--procrastinating about laundry; still early in RantWoman's begin procrastinating cycle.
--shopping online
--Watching videos of hearings about a public policy matter she is following.
Sure, go ahead. Enter RantWoman in the Nerd All-Stars competition. The question is would having gigabit internet change this experience? Um, NOT.

Chasing down a friend's reference to "A Lion Sleeps Tonight"--on bagpipes?
Yes, in fact, the Google offers several options. Lord help us all, with or without gigabit internet.
Here is one RantWoman especially likes.

Here is another Lion Sleeps Tonight (minus the bagpipes) by Ladysmith Black Mbazo, in case anyone needs to cleanse their brains after the first one. RantWoman assumes readers will note the irony of trying to cram jungles and endangered wildlife into the internet even at gigabit speeds.

There. Now RantWoman will resume efforts to actually increase digital inclusion.

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