Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keys, the Chief Morale Officer, Braille

Welcomd to the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing Tuesday edition.

--The Walk Around and Post Things communications channel has something from PugetSoundoff that just got posted in lobby and elevators and other entrances.. Google PugetSoundoff to see about 2015 internships. RantWoman is grateful to receive the announcement in a nice printable format, reasonably legible if posted and not just in an email that RantWoman would have to enlarge to make useful for posting to the not already connected. (Seattle Children's Playgarden: WORD!)

--Chief Morale Officer Chas is in the house. Chas comes to listen to library books on DVD. She earns the Chief Morale Officer title lots of ways: she is happy to talk about movies, music, good-looking men. Her interactions with gravity are a different problem. Oh well.

--Mr. Accessible Restrooms is in the house. We have a new restroom regimen and of course the keys have not been fully distributed. Mr. Accessible restrooms, like RantWoman is hacked off that incomplete key distribution also include the Metro drivers who are supposed to be able to grab their precious moments of relief at the end of their route.
   RantWoman would not mind bypassing some of the details Mr. Accessible restrooms needs to share. RantWoman files this info under "I am so tired of this topic under normal circumstances that I will make DARNED sure it gets dealt with in disasterpreparedness thinking;" today RantWoman just files it under "we really need the key!"
--It's the end of the month so it's time to braille next month's newsletter. The Friendly Neighborhood Center's...braille embosser is supposed to be superquiet. RantWoman  suspects a door has been left open. Newsletter Editor is quiet hard of hearing. Sigh. The Braille Embosser talks loudly when it needs something. Imagine "Out of Paper" in a crisp British accent.

--RantWoman is still waiting for a promised info link from a webinar she attended yesterday. RantWoman has made a mental note to see whether other Friendly Neighborhood Center users are ever interested in webinars.

--The Information and Referrals function handed out intake paperwork to one customer and filed some oral information in the category of housing support / homelessness prevention

Life is already too much fun and RantWoman is not even touching everything on her mind.

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