Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The refrigerator will not be retweeted!

RantWoman's morning has been a veritable chucklefest.

First, RantWoman's body is still out of sync due to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. Out of sync means RantWoman woke up after 5 am instead of a more normal hour such as 6:30. This meant RantWoman was wide awake for a webinar she thought started at 7 but her Google calendar assured her did not start until 8. Good thing RantWoman was awake enough to download the needed GotoWebinar app!

The webinar by Nonprofit Tech for Good is 19 tips for social networking. RantWoman finds most of them sensible and inspiring. Most of them: there is the one about taking screen shots of text and generally about adding visuals to Tweets. FROWN! Tweets with visuals are about 5 times more likely to get retweeted, one of the gold standards in Tweet acclaim, than tweets without visuals.

In other words, sighted people really like visuals. Blind people, well, couldn't care less except in terms of wanting to engage sighted people. To illustrate, a lovely link with a graphic full of text:
(RantWoman thought of doing what the webinar suggested, taking a screenshot. Then RantWoman demurred. RantWoman has not so far wanted to tell Blogger her cellphone number in order to upload the screen shot directly. RantWoman apologizes for the visual boredom.)

RantWoman can read the text that is not in the pink box easily with Mr. JAWS. RantWoman cal also click on the link within the tweet just fine. RantWoman thinks that with new "Convenient OCR," the text in the red box should be accessible too. Between RantWoman's ever shaky skills in advanced JAWS and the Twitter page, the text in the red box is NOT accessible. The LAST thing RantWoman would prefer to do is to add more inaccessible content to the Internet! But a lot of the time RantWoman does in fact want to engage sighted people and people with other disabilities besides vision issues and...and ... and ....

Second,  one of RantWoman's followers has heard RantWoman numerous times speak with trepidation about the possibility of RantWoman's refrigerator getting online.

RantWoman is perhaps too happy herself to admit all over the internet that her refrigerator harbors science projects; these are not the kind of well-tended projects that lead, for instance, Indian physicists to nuanced gas chromatography or whatever about the spice palettes in different cuisines. No, Rantwoman's science projects are thoroughly unruly and undisciplined.

Plus, RantWoman would NOT prefer to invite advertisers or cleanliness police or RantMom or any random infogeek sysadmin to find ways to nag her: "that horseradish is a zillion years old." "Donuts again? How about a bagel?" "The cilantro is about to turn into green slime. please use it promptly."

In short, althought RantWoman sincerely appreciates the link below, RantWoman has PLENTY of reasons for trepidations, without giving her refrigerator a egaphone and opening the door to botnets too!

#a11y  #privacy

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