Saturday, April 11, 2015

I'm no Angel ... and ...It's STILL using half-naked women to sell stuff!

It's Saturday and RantWoman is giving herself permission to weigh in on the new Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel ad campaign. The campaign features a whole bunch of women with real bodies, the kind of bodies that clothing from Lane Bryant is designed to fit. The ads are fun sexy women of all sorts of shapes. They are smiling. They are comfortable in their bodies. And rthey are not wearing anything but underwear!

Yes, RantWoman has been known to regale the internet with her accounts of buying underwear.

Yes, RantWoman certainly wears underwear and will spare the internet details of when she does not.

Yes, RantWoman thinks it's GREAT to see women with real bodies being proud of their bodies and exuding positive energy.

Yes, It's great to see women without having to have men in the picture making the women look like decorations.

Wellll, actually, RantWoman would not mind adding some photos of half-naked men of different physiques who find the half-naked women attractive.

But ya know, it's still using half-naked women to sell something! RantWoman is trying to work up more enthusiasm for #imNoAngel than she used to have for half-naked women all over the covers of certain Soviet-era academic economics journals she used to read. RantWoman is NOT succeeding. The half-naked women really did not make the economics reports any sexier.

Really RantWoman finds herself wanting some truth-in-advertising shots: take the same women in the underwear campaign. Dress them fashionably in more than underwear. Show them off with more pride thant the twigs who usually model for Lane Bryant. Install a calculateor on the website that lets customers input body measurements and then uses the body measurements to give advice: "Honey, uh-uh! Do not even think of...Ahhhh"  Now there would be an advance.

And just to give people the opportunity to look at large women and NOT have someone try to sell them underwear, a wonderful ART item by Leonard Nimoy. Yes, ART, seriously underdressed women as ART, all you internet fuddy-duddies frightened by the female form, ART.

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