Monday, April 13, 2015

Info Who? What?

Info Who? What?

(This post features 4 native English speakers, 3 of whom are bilingual in Spanish and one native Spanish speaker. That info is only relevant in context of an opportunity involving the word Infomediary.)

Item 1: Irrepressible Nephew and spring break.
An opportunity lands in RantWoman's email. RantWoman is unsure whether Irrepressible Nephew already has spring break plans. RantWoman is also unsure whether the language of the opportunity will resonate with either Nephew or Sister and Little Sister is unenthusiastic currently about RantWoman pitches.

Info Who? What?

Opportunity is ONE BUS from Irrepressible Nephew but it might be out of his mother's comfort zone for sending him alone, nenver mind that hundreds of other you getthere independently every day.
So would Nephew's father take him? Ummm, has Nephew's father intersected yet with info about new low income fare?

Who knows?

Maybe what matters: apparently Irrepressible Nephew impressed one teacher on a school trip recently because he ...knows how to ride the bus.

Info Who? What?

Item 2
How long has RantMom had her iPhone? Never mind. Yesterday, after RantWomen Sunday supper,  she is heartily to be congratulated for....

..Successfully replying TWICE to text messages from RantWoman

...hitting the right combination of taps and swipes both to make the text app keyboard appear and to hit the search option for finding contacts.

Now, if she can do it again today.

RantWoman, readers may recall, deliberately chose Android so that someone else would get to tutor RantMom.

Silly RantWoman and her willingness to fuss anyway. RantMom got to the point of replying to TWO text because RantWoman managed blindly to fumble around and tell RantMom to try and sometimes hand the phone to RantMom with say the keyboard displayed.

RantWoman will send RantMom another text later just for practice.

And RantWoman, next time, earlier in the fiddling with the iPhone will try to find settings for larger font at least. Sounds like RantMom will appreciate it.

And then we will try to find a tutorial.

Info Who? What?

PS RantWoman noticed that RantMom has OneBusAway on her phone.
Does RantMom use it?

Um, no. RantMom says, more or less, it's too much bother and by the time she has done anything with the App, the bus is probably there anyway. So she leaves dealing with OneBusAway to Little Sister.

Info Who? What?

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