Thursday, April 2, 2015

Opening Closed

RantWoman had another of those annoying blind person ALMOST gets a job conversations recently.  Job is for a federal agency. RantWoman has seen job applicant's resume. It is impressive. RantWoman at the time had nothing suitable to offer but has been cheerleading the job hunt.

RantWoman sees Job Applicant's wife more often than Job Applicant. The situation kep looking hopeful and kept looking hopeful and kept looking really hopeful and...

...then the job got to all the paperwork that comes with federal employment and then....

..the day before the last paperwork was to be signed, the job posting was abruptly CLOSED.

RantWoman learned this recently from Job Applicant himself. Grrr.

RantWoman is aware this kind of thing sometimes happens with government jobs. The bureaucracy hiccups and a position has to be reallocated. Or....

But could it be...the Reasonable Accommodations request...?

RantWoman realizes this is an obnoxious question. But with bothe the federal government and the Inslee Administration having set targets for the employment of people with disabilities, RantWoman considers it entirely fair.

Here is some background on the general thinking; RantWoman apologizes but she has not kept track of links specifically about the federal government.
The DoL ODEP site on Employment First

As an #opendata aside, perhaps RantWoman will think about ways to use data about employment of people with disabilities.

In the meantime, Impressive Job Applicant has a toddler daughter and MIGHT like to connect with other tech-savvy dads in his neighborhood. He is a great dad; he has a great kid, and he wants a job!

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