Tuesday, May 26, 2015

College Reunions Shout Out: Michelle Obama!

RantWoman went to one of those universities where reunions are a REALLY BIG DEAL. Really big deal means on graduation anniversaries ending in 0 or 5 one is supposed to return to the alma mater, put on some kind of outrageous costume in the school colors and PARTAY!

Class of 1985 logo

RantWoman is not that good at partying in the first place.

In the second place, RantWoman figures modest electronic participation ought to suffice on both time and carbon footprint grounds. So RantWoman is going to take this week to offer reflections and shout-outs on various themes.

First shout-out: Michelle Obama. RantWoman has no memory of meeting the future First Lady but the future First Lady worked in an office where RantWoman regularly visited when fundraising to invite speakers to campus. In other words, it's possible we met and have never realized it.

In any case, RantWoman thinks Michelle Obama is doing an amazing job as First Lady! Here is an example.


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