Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015: May 21!

RantWoman invites readers to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015.

1. Tidings from the official #GAAD website that henceforthe the day will be observed on the third Thursday in May. RantWoman particularly invites readers to check out the events listed for Bellevue WA!


2. Last year RantWoman devoted her Global Accessibility Awareness Day observance to ... howling about a frustrating accessibility fail. RantWoman also forgot to include the disclaimer that she is not the most sophisticated user of her assistive technology tools ever to lay fingers to keyboard. When RantWoman encounters a spectacular fail, she sometimes hand the issue off to people who are more adept with the tools. RantWoman has no idea why she did not do that last year.  Consider RantWoman disclaimed in retrospect.

3. RantWoman is shamelessly reprinting an entire item that came to her in email. RantWoman attended on Deque Systems webinar and was very impressed by its honest and practical orientation. RantWoman heartily recommends the webinars offered below and will TRY to attend to the one about accessible documents herself! Enjoy!

Deque Systems
Dear (RantWoman)

Deque Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness

Live Webinar Events

This year we are featuring all-new, free webinars to be broadcast live on YouTube — no registration required! We will be covering the following topics:

Deque is Giving Free Website and App Consultations

How accessible is your website or product? Deque is offering free website and application consultations with an assistive technology power user. This invaluable experience will reveal the challenges and roadblocks users may experience when interacting with your content or completing a task.
Contact Alicia Bourne or call 703.225.0380 to schedule an appointment at our Herndon office, or virtually.New Product Releases

Product Releases

Our new Accessibility 101 Mobile App is available for iOS at the app store — and will be available for Android May 21! For every download of the Accessibility 101 app (on iOS or Android) we will donate $1 to Knowbility's AccessWorks project. AccessWorks is Knowbility's Document Accessibility and User Experience Testing initiative that employs people with disabilities. Learn more from the Knowbility website.
Deque Systems
Deque Systems 2121 Cooperative Way Suite 210 Herndon VA 20171

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