Saturday, May 2, 2015

Infomediary Moments o'the day!

Today's info-mediary moments:

RantWoman is TERRIBLY excited to see actual readable signs for a Seattle Children's Playgarden event hanging in her building. RantWoman did not even put them up which means someone else is on the ball too!

RantWoman is less excited to see signs that refer to "Behaivor Health." The term is BehaviorAL Health. Chill, RantWoman, Chill.

Someone at an event asked RantWoman about computer classes. RantWoman maybe COULD have looked up some locations closer to asker than the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing, but... no way to print from her Smartphone..

RantWoman skimmed a Columbia City Facebook group. There was a video about #MayDaySea events on capital along with a comment thread about why post in a Columbia City group. In RantWoman's book, a couple reasons.

--Some of the peaceful daytime march started in Mount Baker, a lot closer to Columbia City than Capital Hill is. RantWoman and many neighbors heard chanting and noticed lots of cops nearby.

--Police and some protestors are likely to use the same tactics wherever they are. [RantWoman Review of events on Capital Hill: THUMBS DOWN, way DOWN! Why do cops need to get hurt? Just sayin']

--Lots of blind people visit Columbia City because that is where the Seattle office of the Department of Services for the Blind is. RantWoman for one appreciates the comment stream, to the extent she read it, because the comments supplied more and different info about a key confrontation than RantWoman was able to pull out of the Tweetstream last night. So RantWoman urges neighborhood folks to be broadminded about reasons people might visit a neighborhood before deciding something is off-topic.

RantWoman thinks her world is owed more #BADD2015 Blogging aginst Disableism content but has other plans ahead of that.

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