Monday, June 29, 2015

Can a video game help prevent sexual assault? Not if it's inaccessible!

Can a video game change the way we deal wit hsexual assault (PREVENTION)?
Cool story about Decisions that Matter video game

Game is designed by two female graduate students from carnegie Mellon. Someone forgot to think about accessibility.

RantWoman wants to be interested. Really she does. In fact she went straight to the link.

Link straight to the game
Decisions that Matter video game

RantWoman with screen enlargement could navigate a little but Mr. JAWS the screen reader let out so many unhelpful bleeps that RantWoman stopped even trying visually after two screens.

RantWoman understands concepts such as "It's a demo." and "Wait for the next version." And if RantWoman starts in about #digitalinclusion, she may go quickly to more than just software accessibility, but that would be an awesome place to start!

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