Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear #Waleg, Get your work done, 'kay!

Today's RantWoman infomediary services: the phrase "letter from DSHS" as occasion for generalized mirth."

One of RantWoman's neighbors is deaf and very low-vision, deaf-blind.  Neighbor as in lives on the same floor with full sonic effects noticeable when neighbor gets too frustrated. RantWoman's knowledge of ASL is miniscule, not zero but definitely much lower than neighbor for some reason assumes. RantWoman's knowledge of tactile sign IS zero and RantWoman has trouble seeing enough to see both signs and important facial expressions. But RantWoman does know enough to know that graduate student written English is WAY too many words for someone used to ASL suyntax.

RantWoman and neighbor have worked out enough communication norms that neighbor sometimes brings mail and asks RantWoman questions. Today's specimen was a letter from DSHS advising clients of a possible government shutdown and expressing hope that such would not occur.

[The letter was in regular print. RantWoman has previous unsatisfactory personal experience with getting things in large print. Both Neighbor and RantWoman have magnifiers to cope, and the Friendly Neighborhood Center... has sscanner and OCR options besides. RantWoman, alas, has a long list of other things ahead of this in her queue of things to agitate about too.]

What RantWoman wanted to pen as explanation of the letter:
The silly #waleg legislature keeps having fights about budget and taxes and might not get its work done before the end of the fiscal year. If that happens DSHS will suspend services you are receiving. DSHS hopes that will not happen but has to warn you anyway.

What RantWoman actually penned, in fat pen and her idiosyncartic handwriting:
Letter about state legislature. If Legislature does not pass a budget by Friday, many services will be suspended. Letter says DSHS hopes there will be a budget and no problem but have to warn you anyway.

Neighbor responded with usual look of befuddlement.

RantWoman: I can leave you a note when I hear news. Will that help?


Dear #Waleg, Get your work done, 'kay????

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