Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Disgusting topics; Language Nerd Fixations

RantWoman apologizes if it seems like she is trivializing the actual topics of either video mentioned below, cultural appropriation or torture. RantWoman does NOT at all mean to trivialize either issue. In fact, RantWoman appreciates both videos for presenting concerns in direct and bracing terms.

Here is the first problem: RantWoman as a language professional collects innovative inspiring and sometimes just overpowering examples of usage, usage of "the F word," and particularly magnificent constructions using forms of the F word it has never occurred to RantWoman to think of.

That is the collector's fixation which has caused RantWoman to place two really different videos, both about very serious and disgusting topics in the same blog post. Please bear with RantWoman: RantWoman promises another topic upon which to rant.

Mia MacKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous, winds giant prizes for devastating and delicate application, including multiple delightful novel forms.

The blog is awesome. The visuals are way betterthan raggedy urls on RantWoman's blog. Go there and read it. Subscribe. Give it money.

And please forgive RantWoman if the raggedy url is too much for the Please do not repost request.. RantWoman's brain sometimes melts if she cannot find an email address to write and ask for permission. If it's a problem, please leave a comment.

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight on Torture

In terms of sheer blunt force overapplication of the F word, John Oliver wins by miles.  Please be advised, RantWoman posted a link rather than the usual embed because the presentation gets graphic really fast. Then John Oliver asks Helen Mirren to read from the Senate report on torture. Not even Helen Mirren reading it will help. Any patriotic American SHOULD be disturbed but they should watch the video AND read the report. In the meantime readers here can be disturbed by only a small bite of the apple here.

Late in the clip John Oliver talks about how torture does not work. One example he cites is that after being waterboarded 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed told his interrogators that he sent someone to Montana, MONTANA! to recruit African American Muslims to the cause. John Oliver's comment about how stupid that was: don't they realize the most famous African in MT is not even African American.

Duuude! Speaking as a born in MT Montana who now lives in WA and visits Spokane from time to time, Montana is NOT Washington. Rachel Dolezal is from Spokane,., WASHINGTON, NOT FROM MONTANA! And you did not even get waterboarded to send people astray! Talk about cultural appropriation!

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