Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heaven is leaking: Open House

Today the STAR Center held an open house. RantWoman is celebrating by posting such photos as she has managed first to shoot and then to shepherd from her phone to her blog. Other regulars at the Friendly Neighborhood Center ... are celebrating the occasion wrapping up the day with the sort of chatter where phrases like "heaven is leaking" are what make it past screen reader voice to RantWoman's ears.

Some Balloons to welcome people

Heaven is leaking? Maybe that explains it.

Recently eager young staffperson asked RantWoman whether people at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing do social media.

The answer slowly. Idiosyncratically. For example, RantWoman had her smartphone for over a year before pictures from the Smartphone began appearin in RantWoman's blogs. RantWoman's standards for photo tagging, as opposed to her aspirations and desire to demand such of others are also a work in progress.

Communications Strategy? What's that?
Aside from getting out  STAR Center messages, RantWoman is aware that communications strategy would probably a good thing to apply to her Twitter feed too.

Refreshments. Customers. Chatting.
But in case people are worried about anyone at the Friendly Neighborhood Center losing focus on assistive technology, a term we currently do not have a robust shared understand of, almost all the key volunteers at the Friendly Neighborhood Center... us some kind of assistive technology just to get work done!
Who put it together!

Well, there is use assistive technology to get work done. And sometimes one takes into account the randomness of focussing, identifying the photos, and tinkering with the blog post, and the time to do all of the above. Then there is use alternative methods and rules such as "Do not put the legallhy blind lady in charge of graphic design." Really.

Gotta have some display boards

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