Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Map in 3-D

RantWoman dedicates this post to a participant in a very inclusive disaster preparedness class she was once involved in. The class had language diversity. It had a whole range of abilities and disabilities. He needed help to do the map-making exercise everyone else was doing. He made the best map of anyone in the group. It involved his hand on a coffee cup!

The program involved various forms of talking about maps, maps of resources, maps of circles starting with oneself, one's neighbors, bigger places.Participants made all kinds of maps. To be honest, the maps were not made with attention to whether or not RantWoman could necessarily read them. Nor at this remove does RantWoman remember very many of the stories people told when they talked about their maps.

But RantWoman definitely remembers the map represented by the smartphone selfie of RantWoman's hand holding one of her favorite pieces of urban gear which in RantWoman's case usually contains tea.

RantWoman has maps on her mind for a whole bunch of reasons but RantWoman needs to stick to the map of doing one thing at a time and putting one foot in front of another.

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