Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reunion Shoutout and Oddball Fantasy: Collegiate Gear--In Hi-Vis Orange!

Tasteful low-key banner

 RantWoman’s recent weekend of mental excursions to her alma mater and many things symbolic of time there hit a fashion jackpot highly relevant to passion for pedestrian visibility: hi-vis, ANSI class 2 or 3 Safety Orange.

The famous 2 Dickinson St Co-op

 It was not even RantWoman who first realized this jackpot. It was Curmudgeon, who long ago cooked a lot of Cuban black beans at the very same 2 Dickinso Co-op where RantWoman lived. RantWoman and Curmudgeon both went to an alumni association committee event. We both good-naturedly responded to requests to sport our proud orange and black.

 RantWoman chose a blouse that could pass for “apricot” or “peach” in the argot of clothing catalog color palettes. But Curmudgeon went all out: Curmudgeon moved a couple years ago to the ‘burbs. Curmudgeon is another no-choice, non-driving serious transit customer. Now Curmudgeon walks frequently to the Lynnwood Transit Center, gets on a Community Transit bus to her current community college teaching gig, and walks a few blocks on the other end of her commute.

Curmudgeon does this all wearing an absolutely smashing professional-looking jacket in hi-vis safety orange! RantWoman has no idea where Curmudgeon found this fabulous garment. RantWoman does not even want that exact style, but RantWoman is SO inspired she is thinking about urging SOMEONE to do a line of hi-vis items with school mascot and other insignia on hi-vis safety Orange. No question!

A Princeton Tiger demanding to be imprinted on some hi-vis gear.

RantWoman would think seriously about buying:

  • a backpack or a messenger bag or the right nylon purse. 
  • one of those spiffy nylon vests bicyclists wear.
  •  the right raincoat. Actually RantWoman has found the right raincoat and probably will not wait around for any logo licensing process but still thinks someone should consider.

RantWoman is wondering whether she is the only proud alumna in the northwest who needs collegiate-themed hi-vis or whether there might be dozens of other people who bike and jog and get about in the winter who might also be willing to think about it. Word!

Class of 1985 logo

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