Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time to Pray / Worlds in Collision

RantWoman's life the last few days has been woefully deficient in the kind of "Time to Pray" moments caused by getting on a new bus route driven by a brand new driver and asking to be let off at whatever stop the trip planner has suggested. When the driver says "Where's that?" it's time to pray--and to have a word or two with the kind of bean counters who have no respect for all the skill it takes to be a good bus driver.

Instead of "time to pray," RantWoman humbly offers a couple  Worlds in collision moments
RantWoman sincerely applauds the Seattle Public schools  for rolling out its new hopefully improved accessibility website in time for blind parents including some RantWoman knows to chase down important information before the end of the school year.

And for RantWoman's trouble she gets to listen to Little Sister howl about not being able to find something in the new improved website. Little Sister uses not accessibility tools. Dear Sis, Love ya lots, but you have working eyeballs and know how to use your search engine

And when the world needs a break from end-of-school-year paperwork...

On one hand, RantWoman knowingly voluntarily willfully turns to her faith community for both discussions both about drone warfare and about faith--based social action.

And on the other hand, a public body RantWoman regularly spends time with, the Citizens Telecommunications Advisory Board formerly #CTTAB is rebranding and looking for a new hashtag in keeping with its' new name.

The problem: the most obvious new tag is already used by an organization that would mix in tweets about the book of Romans alongside cable franchising and digital inclusion. RantWoman's memory has some gaps except that Romans involves concepts like "armor of God." RantWoman is unclear that armor of God would be helpful in, say, municipal broadband discussions in the first place. In the first place, RantWoman votes for separation of church and state.

Go figure....

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