Saturday, July 4, 2015

Names. Heat. Who's in Charge here?

RantWoman has been attempting to beat the heat by advising all and sundry that she is overheated and undermotivated.

The Queen of Spades, for her part, does not wish to be photographed in her beat the heat stretch out with her tummy fully extended and facing the cross draft pose. Instead, before posting her particular #opendata demand, she recommends everyone lighten up with the following offering from Nicole Hollander / Sylvia and the cats who rule Sylvia;'s life.

A Sylvia cat cartoon. Borrow someone's eyes and ask them to help you appreciate...

Please be advised: the Queen of Spades has been interacting with the following sources of summarized data

Just kidding about the Animal Shelter. There is NO data on the Animal Shelter website about the most popular pet names in Seattle. The Queen of Spades is sorely disappointed. The Queen of Spades is her internet name; she refuses to broadcast her official listed on her pet license name until she and RantWoman learn how many other pets there are who have her real name in common.

There. Now the Queen of Spades has spoken and soon it will be time for hiding from the fireworks and / or "helping" RantWoman pen some appropriate Tirade of the Year!

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