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Seattle 25th Anniversary of the ADA rally


 25thAnniversary of the ADA Rally
on Wednesday July 22, 2015 at Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle!
Music starts at 3:30PM & Rally from 4:00PM - 6:00PM  
Patt along with Mark Adreon is on the Seattle Commission of People with disAbilities, The Commission has been one of the major partners of Seattle’s 25 Year ADA Celebration & Rally. Patt worked with King County Metro to help arrange that the Center Park Bus will be available to transport Center Park Residents directly to and  from the Rally. 
We are really looking forward to this Celebration and have included a verbal description of the Seattle 25 Year ADA Anniversary Logo Design. Everyone who attends the Rally will receive a Welcome Bag containing mardi gras beads with an attached Tactile Medallion. The Logo Design on the Medallion was created by Seattle Artist Leyah Sayler who is Visually Impaired. She is also along with UBS Members, Becky Bell, Camille Jassny, Ann Fagan & Terry Blankenship one of the 9 Artists involved with creating the “Braille" Faces of the Community Mural.
Enjoy the Celebration & Rally! 
Be Loud & Proud
Tony Brown 

 Seattle ADA 25 Year Anniversary Logo Design by Local Artist Leyah Sayler, 

Verbal Description of Logo Design 

Wording in Black Lettering 
ADA in Large Script Lettering 
Anniversary in Small Script Lettering 
25 in Large Bold Lettering 

Description of Logo 
Logo is enclosed within a  circle outlined in black with white background 
1 Large Shooting Star to signify Celebration in gold on upper right side of the logo 
4 Smaller Shooting Stars in darker shade of gold on left side of logo 
5 Tails of the Shooting Stars in darker shades of gold 

I suspect some of you have been hearing about the big, exciting celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ADA being passed,  (Americans with Disabilities Act), that is taking place this upcoming Wednesday.  Since our chapter is local and close to the event, it it would be so great if United Blind of Seattle members could make an effort to attend; I have heard that Doreen and Sheri from our chapter plan to attend, and from WCB Cindy Van Winkle and Steve Fiksdal will be attending; perhaps you could connect with them if you’d like to attend.  I’ll be at a training that day so don’t know where I’ll be coming from. Very exciting that WCB’s own Sue Ammeter will be a major speaker at the event since she is such a factor in the law being passed.
Below are the latest details I’ve received about the event.
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2015 7:16 AM
Subject: Last Minute ADA Celebration and Rally Details- 5 days away!
Hi all,
This is Mark Adreon and Teesha Kirschbaum again, and we are now less than one week away from our 25th ADA Anniversary Celebration and Rally; “Looking to our Past to See our Future,” on Wednesday July 22nd.
I hope you are busy making plans to attend and considering your transportation options; how and where you will meet people you have invited to join you at the event and bringing lots of high energy and be ready to “SHOUT OUT” and make your voice heard.
In this message you will find:
·         Taxi and Passenger drop off and pick up information (change from last message)
·         RSVP request if you have not done so
·         Seating and other event amenities
Taxi and Passenger Vehicle Drop Off and Pick Up
The passenger drop off and pick up location has changed from our last message so if this is how you will be getting to and from the event….make a note. We will be taking parking spaces on both sides of Pike Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.  5th Avenue is a one way street heading south, 4th is a one way street heading north and Pike is a one way street heading west.  Your driver route would be taking 5th Ave south and turn right on Pike.
If you are taking a taxi or other hired vehicle, ask them to drop you off on Pike Street. 
After the event, you can have people pick you up on Pike street and we are asking for you to consider the following approach:
·         Passenger and alternative hired cars (Uber, Lift) pick up on north side of Pike (closest to the park.
·         For Taxi – go to the south side of Pike for these cars.
If you have not RSVP’d for this event, it would be great to hear from you.
You can RSVP by sending a message to Brooke Searight and include the following:
·         Subject field – RSVP
·         Message- number of people you know will be attending
·         Name of organization (If Applicable)
This event is open to the general public and we encourage everyone to go! Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Seating and Other Event Amenities
In looking at future weather casts, July 22nd looks like a comfortable weather day of about 72 to 74 degrees during the event time. 
·         Westlake Park will have limited seating and many other fixed seating leaning or standing options. We will have 2 (50) blocks of seating on each side of the stage for a total of 100 seats. There will be a large space between these two areas for people to stand, use their own chairs or other.  So if you are able to bring folding lawn chairs or other, feel free to do so.
·         There is a play park at the mid-way section and the Boeing Clowns will be stationed on the south end of this play area.  This is where you want your kids to “hang out.”
·         There will be 4 accessible porta-poddies in the center of the south end of the park.
·         The information, volunteer and first aid tables will be at the midpoint of the park near 4th Avenue.
·         ACCESS vans will be using 4th Avenue from Pike to Pine for drop off and pick up.
People You Can Ask for Information or Other
·         As you move around the park you will see people with t-shirts that say “Volunteer” on the back of the shirts with our event logo.  These folks are there to assist in any way that is reasonable. They will also be making sure you receive your Welcome bag and provide directions if needed. There will be no check in location and these volunteers will find you to make sure you get your Welcome bag.
·         You will also see some folks with t-shirts of a different color, with the event logo on the back and it will say, “Ask Me.” These folks are members of your Steering Committee that has work very hard over the last several months organizing this event to be a true community Celebration.  If you have any questions of any kind, these are the folks to ask.
We are all looking forward to Celebrating with you and are excited about the community response we have experienced over the last several months. Our strength is in our community and our celebration is a way to affirm our share mission.
With questions or concerns, please contact:
Mark Adreon
Teesha Kirschbaum
Don’t Forget to Connect With Us!
Check out our Facebook Page and Tweets for all the updates, begin the daily count down to the rally and post pictures of your excitement. Be sure to use #SEA25ADA in your posts!

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