Sunday, July 5, 2015

Word of the day: Woonerf

...Give us this day our daily Twitterpation....

The other day while RantWoman was checking out the #waleg and #transponow tags trying to keep track of all the sausage getting made in Special Session # 3 of the WA State legislature. RantWoman alllowed herself to get distracted by someone wanting to "flattop"  Pine N of Westlake Park."

flat-top as in shared streets, woonerfs, ...

[RantWoman historical digression: somewhere in the late 1990's-gah!-- RantWoman thinks Westlake park did extend all the way across Pine; RantWoman is storing vocabulary without researching history for now.]

Vocabulary Word of the Day woonerf

(irritating digression: what kind of idiot marketer keeps having the bright idea that RantWoman will acquire positive associations with your brand if only you stick yourself in RantWoman's way while RantWoman and Mr. JAWS are trying to extract story content from whatever the site vomits forth? RantWoman would SO like consistent easily findable options to read the whole article in one screen! If advertisers are REALLY obsequious in their requests, RantWoman MIGHT be willing to have a dialogue about how to help Mr. JAWS find your content too.)

A picture

RantWoman will now mentally file the term with other discussions of "Shared streets," also knows as traffic designs blind people tend not to be charmed by! But enough. Start with vocabulary for now.

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