Monday, August 10, 2015

Come for the socks, Stay for the Business Plan!

RantWoman is cautious about handing out commercial endorsements willy-nilly. Here though, RantWoman encountered great product--compression socks in nylon, cotton, wool and in argyle, stripe, polka dot and also basic black nylon leggings.  RantWoman also heard sound easy-to-work with small business advice from a bank RantWoman already knows has a good accessible website in case any of the blind aspiring entrepreneurs RantWoman knows are interested. RantWoman would still shop around but the socks plus business advice combo is a fun find.
Red and black polka-dot compression stockings

RantMom SCORED this year for RantWoman's birthday. The score: purple argyle COTTON compression socks, size large from a MT-based company called Vim & Vigr ! Need for compression stockings is a reality around the RantWomen. Little Sister has had especially nasty medical unpleasantness from not wearing them when needed. RantMom can talk about treatment for varicose veins already in the early 1960's; RantWoman is really glad just to wear the socks and skip sharing other experiences.

RantWoman is really glad RantMom is on top of buying her own socks. RantMom also sometimes buys RantWoman socks. RantWoman prefers cotton. One time RantMom not only bought RantWoman 100% nyklon socks, RantMom also sweetly tried to persuade rantWoman the 100% nylon socks were cotton. Fortunately RantMom is now well-trained about size and preferred fiber content. Well RantWoman thought RantMom was well-trained about size.

At Vim&Vigr, socks come in Small, medium, and large, RantWoman had been holding off trying her birthday socks in hopes of checking online for larger options, but today RantWoman needed a purple argyle emotional pick-me-up and decided just to give things a try and THEN check the website.

RantWoman thinks extra large would probably be a better match for length. RantWoman also a little bit fears the size large will not last as long as something with a slightly better fit, but RantWoman means to really enjoy the socks while they last. So check out the video!

(Small addendum: RantWoman knows enough men who would go for stripes or argyles, RantWoman would totally encourage Vim&Vigr to consider expanding into men's sizes. RantWoman's problems about length are no different than the problems she always has with standar sized women's knee socks. What even tempts RantWoman to try them is the patterns!)

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