Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blood Moon, Procrastinated Past

Super Moon over Mt. rainier
 Photo courtesy of Molly Stark at Molly Eire Photography
If RantWoman were a real journalist instead of a procrastination pro taking a break from many tasks, she would look up why this weeks astronomical phenomenon has been called a #SuperBloodMoon.  Or she could riff on all the words in the hashtag. RantWoman is embarrassed not to have made it out of doors to look at the #SuperBloodMoon while it was occurring and now will concentrate on tagging some photos. Sighted readers, hover your mouse over the images for captions.

Really Fun Blood Moon Outline via KomoTV

Blood Moon over the Grand Canyon

Random Blood Moon Image

Blood Moon over Seattle's Smith Tower

Blood Moon over Seattle Space Needle

Glorious shot of Blood Moon at Old Faithful

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