Saturday, September 5, 2015

Burning the Point!

Burning the Point: HIGHLY localized idiom featured here in fit of reflection about RantWoman's high school experience and on the occasion of Irrepressible Nephew's launch into HIGH SCHOOL.

Burning the point: carloads of young people driving around a circuit of downtown streets. Billings MT, late 1970's

A retrospective Photo Gallery from the archives of the Billings Gazette

A car and kids image grabbed from the Burning the Point Photo AlbumAnd no, burning the point was not really a thing for RantWoman. There was ONE summer evening after a RantWoman birthday party. Several of the most notorious girl nerds in RantWoman's high school piled into someone's mother's car and ventured into the circuit, completely innocent of the social norms, with NO interest in things like beer. So innocent were the young nerds that after about 10 minutes of driving around, we STOPPED to talk to kids hanging around another car. When a police officer shortly barked at us to "Move the car," we decided it was time just to go home.

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