Saturday, September 12, 2015

Internet by the teaspooonful

Dear Beloved telecomm  company

Some of the time RantWoman is absurdly happy to be back to her anticipated level of robo calls on the voice mail. Some of the time RantWoman is happy enough with Internet by the teaspoonful to move onto her next problem: needing a Bluetooth keyboard and a laptop stand of some kind to deal with assorted ergonomic issues.

Oh and then there would be interacting with some notice from Blogger about European privacy. Go Europe. And still…

RantWoman has now been told a couple different ways that, basically, she might be better off with different telecomm services choices. RantWoman is taking the point underadvisement but appreciates the latest voice mail from a technician.

RantWoman guesses she is supposed to be glad the billing function works. RantWoman has too much else on her mind tonight to expand on…

RantWoman finds it positively droll to call about problems with her internet and to hear the suggestion to look online for a solution. Would RantWoman find it more congenial if the hold message said “If you are having trouble connecting to the internet unplug everything from your modem, wait three minutes and plug everything back in and try again?” There does seem to be some intervention needed on the other end and RantWoman  probably should stop dealing with internet by the teaspoonful and think again about plan B. Maybe RanTWoman will try watching some Seattle City Council hearings first, but definitely NOT TONIGHT.

The Queen of Spades appreciates the uptick in cat furniture availability. RantWoman also seems to do much better with increased cat furniture time.

Maybe that is enough for now.


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