Monday, September 7, 2015

Proper Regard for Disabled Parking places.

Dear Deadbeat drivers,

This message is for YOU:

You have my parking space. Would you like my disability too?

If you do not have a disabled parking permit, DO NOT park in disabled parking places. If you think you qualify for a permit, get your act together and apply.

Here are some links to people in WA started:

A nice nongovernment site except it lecturs one to upgrade browsers.

RantWoman appreciates this item not only for itself but as motivation to ask for a disabled parking placard for herself. RantWoman actually sees no need for a disabled parking permit in most cases. RantWoman can walk and is darned happy to do so. HOWEVER, RantWoman really HATES parking garages for being dark and hard to navigate in. And some of the people who give RantWoman rides are lousy, unskilled, untrained, and not totally trainable sighted guides. So one of these days, RantWoman MEANS to get around to applying for a disabled parking placard.

Oh yeah and RantWoman definitely needs something else to carry around in her RantWoman bags!

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