Sunday, September 13, 2015

Updates, Refrigerated

RantWoman, for someone who writes all the time about how you do NOT want your refrigerator to become part of the #InternetofThings , you, um, certainly post a lot on the internet about your refrigerator. What up?

Yes, um, RantWoman is currently hiding out from her refrigerator. Besides the usual level of bio science projects, RantWoman's fridge presently host a number of decidedly not preferable thermodynamic and hydrological science projects. RantWoman just does NOT want to deal, at least until she has a good night's sleep. Then there is the matter of internet by the teaspoonful at home and a backlog of to-do's, some of which arguably are actually more pressing than even fascinating news from RantWoman's appliances.

RantWoman is fresh from Sunday supper at RantMom's. RantMom's fridge is decidedly more orderly than RantWoman's. Beware though: COMPOST lurks in one or two of the yogurt containers in RantMom's refrigerator. RantWoman is THRILLED to have the option of separating her compost. This convenience makes RantWoman feel a TINY bit closer to actual soil and to growing things beyond her tangle of unruly houseplants.

Like RantMom, RantWoman does not generate enough compost by herself to fill the compost containers provided by the city. Both RantMom and RantWoman store our compost in yogurt containers until we get enough material to dump in the compost containers near our trash. RantMom bypasses the flying things sometimes drawn to compost by storing things awaiting disposal in either the fridge or freezer,.

Delighted as RantWoman is by reminders that she does actually SEE at least SOMEWHAT, there are too many flying things in RantWoman's kitchen; the flying things are either going to have to start helping with the rent and telecomm bills or they will get discouraged with extreme prejudice. But first, RantWoman has to find room among the science projects for a couple yogurt containers full of compost.

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