Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ORCA Black Hole

RantWoman is vexed.

RantWoman would like to go to www.orcacard.com and do her monthly bus pass transaction.

RantWoman has tried to do this several times on different days. RantWoman keeps getting "(Name of Browser) cannot connect to this webpage."

RantWoman's first reaction is to check her internet connection, but most of the time, everything else is working fine.

More vexing, RantWoman put the problem into her search engine of choice. The same url RantWoman has been typing came back and so did the same error message when RantWoman clicked on the link.

Frowning face.

On top of that, none ofthe search results returned by the search engine have a phone number where one might be able to call the agency and tell them their website is behaving badly.

RantWoman could poke around on transit websites and look for a phone number.

RantWoman could perfectly well go comment on one of the transit agencies and trustthat the comment will get forwarded, but ahem, dear ORCA folks, what up with your website?

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