Friday, October 9, 2015 is back is back. Long live .

By back, RantWoman means findable by Internet Explorer, not just Google Chrome.

RantWoman has tried multiple times over several days to log in and buy her monthly bus pass for next month. New bus pass now on the horizon, but until recently,  RantWoman has been warmly greeted with the message "Internet Explorer cannot connect..."

This message keeps reoccurring for this site even when RantWoman is able to connect just fine to all kinds of other things. In other words, it's a site / dns problem, not a problem with the local router.

Okayyyy, so RantWoman can use the phone.

Ummm, nooooo. RantWoman looked through all the first page of search results and NO PHONE NUMBER Showed up. Frowny Face!

RantWoman probably could have found the phone number a couple ways through different other sites, but that was more than RantWoman wanted to do. Instead, late at night RantWoman tweeted the problem off to @KCMetroBus.

@KCMetrobus tweeted back with the suggestion to try Chrome because of some kind of security update.

Yes, the site appeared when requested on RantWoman's phone. RantWoman did not really test it with TalkBack, the Android screen reader. RantWoman really does not see herself buying bus passes or much of anything else either on her phone. RantWoman is fussy that way.

Instead RantWoman tweeted back about the problem with her screen reader and Chrome on Windows machines. Here are some example articles.

Chrome accessibility with JAWS 14, 2014!topic/chrome/bwnvw7Kuo4o
Look, this is recent enough that RantWoman sincerely HOPES any ORCA website updates  would take this into account. LOTS of people are one or more JAWS versions behind the most current on. RantWoman really does not want to interact with advice such as "Get in touch with the Chrome developers" just to renew her monthly bus pass. RantWoman highly prefers just being able to use Internet Explorer as she has done already for dozens of months using more than one version of Mr. JAWS.

Chrome Accessibility 2010, useful for more description but check for revisions.

RantWoman sincerely hopes that these how to maintain #a11y  comments are helpful for the kind of people who update sites like Word!

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