Sunday, October 25, 2015

Should You Suddenly Find Yourself Blind, talk to other actual blind people!

It has come to RantWoman's attention that besides any and all submissions to the Rooted in Rights  #crappycurb data collection effort, many people in Seattle, newly blind people and their friends, admirers, family, supporters, social services providers...  need information geared toward people who experience sudden vision loss.

Here is the RantWoman Live on Saturday Night short list of first-pass goto resources. All of these resources contain links referring people to other resources as well.

Talk to some actual blind people.!You will need their wisdom when it comes to navigating everything else.
Vision Loss Connections 206-282-3913,  by and for blind people. Sports. Art, Support Group. Community

WA Affiliates of both National Consumer Organizations
The WA Council of the Blind , 800-255-1147

The National Federation of the Blind of WA 

NFB of WA local Affiliate site  425-823-6380

All of these links also offer links to other important sources of help including the WA Talking Book and Braille Library, The Department of Services for the Blind, and other resources. But start with blind people.

And this suggestion goes double for service providers encountering blind people for the first time ever in caseloads and customer lists! If YOU don't have any idea what to do, YOU TOO can contact these resources! But first, give yourself the option of asking around to see wehtehr an actual blind person is employed in a role that could assist you as part of their regular job description!

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