Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TRE Legal enter Structured Negotiations with Lyft re Service Animals

RantWoman reprints verbatim an item off the TRELegal website.
RantWoman reprints it not only for its applicability in that jurisdiction but also in continuing effort to monitor services to people with disabilities by Lyft, Uber and other such providers:

TRE Legal and Others Enter Into Structured Negotiations with Lyft for Disabled Riders with Service Animals

Advocates for people with disabilities have entered into structured negotiations with Lyft, Inc. to ensure that disabled riders with service animals are ensured access to transportation services offered by Lyft drivers.   These collaborative efforts are under way between Lyft, Inc. (Lyft), Disability Rights Advocates (DRA), Rosen, Bien, Galvan & Grunfeld (RBGG), and TRE Legal – attorneys for several blind persons who have raised concerns regarding access for service animal users.   
DRA, RBGG, and TRE Legal contacted Lyft to present these concerns after certain community members reported difficulties obtaining rides from drivers on the Lyft platform.  Lyft currently has a policy that drivers on their platform accept riders with service animals, but Lyft agreed to work with these advocates to ensure that disabled individuals are not denied rides or provided a lesser quality of service because they use service animals.
The parties are hopeful that they can agree on specific new initiatives to improve access to transportation available through the Lyft platform for all riders with disabilities who use service animals.
For more information, please contact:
Tim Elder
TRE Legal Practice

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