Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Cactus update with birthday digression for a deceased aunt

RantWoman's #christmascactus customarily blooms about this time of year but lasts until the new year. So it qualifies as a #christmascactus.

Christmas Cactus November 9 Happy Birthday Aunt A
Blossoms bursting out

RantWoman in marking the date stumbled across a need to free associate about her late aunt. RantWoman has one aunt on each side of her family with the same first name. This is with affection and tenderness and vexation in honor of RantWoman's Paternal Aunt. RantWomn think s Paternal Aunt had a Christmas cactus too but RantWoman does not remember anything spectacular about it.

One thing RantWoman does remember: Paternal Aunt for a lot of her life used a large wheelchair because of fused joints in one leg. The fused joints were the culmination of many problems dating, RantWoman has been told from workplace back injuries when Paternal Aunt worked as a nurse very early in her adult life.
Accessible Restroom Sign

Paternal Aunt taught RantWoman almost as much about accessible restrooms as RantWoman's current neighbor Mr. Accessible Restrooms. RantWoman is not an expert about men's rooms; RantWoman has simply surmised from conversations that actual accessibility in restrooms for either gender is less than universal! Frowning face!

One of Paternal Aunt's passion was crochet. She particularly felt called to crochet baby booties for babies born with connections to crisis pregnancy centers. RantWoman never felt obliged to argue abortion politics, only to send a mental blessing for babies who got to wear Paternal Aunt's booties.

2 pairs crocheted baby booties
Blue baby booties

RantFamily holiday celebrations featured two other productions provided by Paternal Aunt, crochet angel ornaments and ribbon salad. Ribbon salad as in green layer, cream cheese and pineapple and lemon Jello layer, red layer, the way god intended without all that modern stuff like chicken, zucchini, cucumber, just garish Jello goodness! Oh happy day

Flat white crochet angel cleverly hiding on grey background
Flat crochet angel

Ribbon Salad as God intended in all its Christmas Jello-ness
Plain unadorned ribbon salad

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