Tuesday, November 17, 2015

John Oliver Paris Attacks and Baby Gift

RantWoman humbly offers this week's increment of #ChristmasCactus flowering simultaneously as

--electronic contribution to all the floral #ParisAttack memorials and

--electronic baby gift for Mr. and Mr. John Oliver upon the arrival of their son. RantWoman is aware that "Mrs. John Oliver" actually does not exist. She is a modern independent woman and a military helicopter pilot (or something,  please forgive RanWoman for imprecision) who proudly wears her own name thank you very much.

blooming christmas cactuses
Nov. 16, 2015
RantWoman considers John Oliver's rant upon the attacks in Paris brilliant. RantWoman has more to say about the attacks, but she will say it in another media stream.

The Good news for readers of delicate linguistic sensibilities: you have to click on something to start the video below. Also, probably the point of RantWoman's  baby gift comment is decipherable even if you do not click on the link and listen long enough at least for the commentary about civilization and pastry!

The better, sweeter and definitely even more heartwarming news.

John Oliver and Kate Norley welcome first child

RantWoman thinks this is an incredibly sweet couple and sends warm congratulations on the birth. RantWoman also has one additional comment. It's maybe a little early to be planning the kid's adolescent rebellion for him, but RantWoman admits to concern about vocabulary issues. HOW on earth do you top Dad on the command of epithets front?

RantWoman has ONE tiny sort of odd suggestion. RantWoman is imagining a teenage junior John Oliver who is a little bookish having cursing contest with selections of curse words from all the different places English is spoken and MAYBE extra points for invocation of terms from different epochs!

But for now, RantWoman imagines the kid is working on not falling asleep mid-meal and MAYBE his parents have occasional precious seconds to look at the Christmas cactus witout even worrying yet that the kid will be needing to gum everything including houseplants, pictures of houseplants, and heaven knows what else.

Congratulations and Happy Parenting!

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