Sunday, November 15, 2015

On the new Smartphone front

RantMom has a new Smartphone. She thinks it's another iPone, but it's clearly an Android phone.

Apparently Little Sister also got the same phone new. And a church buddy of RantMom says she has the same phone too.

GOOD THING. Lots of help! And not from RantWoman.

RantWoman was listening to RantMom struggle and playing with the new phone. RantWoman THOUGHT of turning on some accessibility features but then she asked RantMom about one of RantWoman's favorite features, Vibrate on touch.

Um, NO! RantMom has a bit of neuropathy in her fingers, left over from chemo experiences several years ago. Vibrate on Touch does not sound like fun to RantMom.

RantWoman also considered turning on some visual accessibility features on the assumption that if RantMom does not know they are there, she will not try to use them. Or if she does know, she can try and decide whether she likes. So far, RantWoman has resisted this temptation to turn on things.

The new phone is bigger than her old iPhone. The new phone also has cool grooves along the sides. RantWoman assumes the grooves make the phone a lot easier to hold onto.

RantMom also has a new stylus. She REALLY likes it. RantWoman owould HAGE it but is thrilled how well it works for RantMom.

Oh happy day.

Well, happy moment.

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