Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Plan now for holiday piano tuning and musical soirees!

Clear lines that would have fun tactile qualities as an embroidery project
Festive Holly and Poinsettia motif

Yes, there really are ways tohave a grand piano in a tiny apartment
A baby grand piano
Do your holiday visions include crowds of family gathered around a piano singing Christmas carols?

Lively rehearsals for people who get paid to perform for paarties?

Cast of thousands holiday performances featuring all of a music studio's students?

Holding together "the siblinghood of personkind" long enough for the 3 RantChildren to do rousing 1 piano 6 hands renditions of The Old Grey Mare Ain't What She Used to be" as arranged by RantDad?

Whatever your holiday music needs, now is a terrific time to tune your piano and RantWoman is following up on a promise she made a couple years ago when she met someone from the Vancouver-based Piano Tuning School for the Blind

Here is a cool video.

One thing that is cool: these are the people in the business of selling piano tuning services, but they tell you upfront, in the Pacific Norhtwest, you probably only need to tune your piano once a year. In places with wider temperature fluctuations, tuning more often is probably advisable.

The other cool thing: the Piano Tuning school has a wide alumni network so if you live in places where pianos need to be tuned more often, there also likely are Piano Tuning School Alumni who can tune your piano. Check it out! Piano Tuning School Alumni Testimonials

And the video again just because holiday presents arrive in unpredictable combinations.

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