Saturday, November 28, 2015

RantWoman labs: popcorn in the microwave

Clear lines that would have fun tactile qualities as an embroidery project
Festive Holly and Poinsettia motif

RantWoman comes home late in the evening, wanting a light but festive holiday nosh.

RantWoman labs, where, among other things, the pinto beans are hot soaking, meaning RantWoman goes by and turns on the burner long enough to bring things to a boil. Then RantWoman turns off the burner. RantWoman abstractly thinks of getting a pressure cooker but this has not occurred yet.. RantWoman likes beans but does not like standing around boiling them for hours. Hence the repeated hot soak until they are tender enough for the next phase of soup making.

Bean and corn chowder around Thanksgiving? Yep. RantWoman LOVES Thanksgiving leftovers but has to have at least one meal / day of legumes and a break from the turkey.

Turn on tea kettle.

Turn on pot of beans

The nosh? Popcorn!

RantWoman is unimpressed by her air popper. RantWoman has owned it for several years and it still oozes of some chemical feel and the kind of whiffs of oppression of Chinese manufacturing workers that sometimes emerge when one opens a bargain basement box from Amazon.

The Microwave, as it happens with AWESOME tactile controls to mention for RantWoman's blind groupies.

Yes to scrounging

Microwave with awesome tactile controls 

Can it be?

Surely someone besides RantWoman has thought of making
popcorn in the microwave!

RantWoman’s smart phone seems to have read her mind. RantWoman typed popcorn in the and her search engine helpfully supplied microwabe.

Heavens. Multiple results.

Brown lunch bag oil salt popcorn. No brown lunch bag, not that wild about oil. Ix-nay.

Microwave safe bowl and plate, no oil. Sounds just right. Oops no microwave safe bowl. Alternaties: peanut butter jar but non clean without label.

Microwave safe?

Glass water bowl that arrived with the queen of Spades/ Umm, no.

Wonderful small ceramic casserole with glass lid. Sound terrific
except for the chip in the side of the bowl. Um, no.

Glass loaf pan?


About 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels spread evenly in the loaf pan

Not really a plausible lid, but ...wrap in paper towel

Popped no oil
Microwave safe loaf pan wrapped in paper towel 

Microwave on high 2-4 minutes until popping stops.

Look at cheeky pics!

Add salt / favorite flavorings.


The snack unwrapped
Ahhh, fresh snack!

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