Thursday, December 17, 2015

A great story about people with severe disabilities living very successfully in communities

(RantWoman is pointedly leaving the forward trail in this post for eccentric reasons she is happy to either discuss in person or find a separate opportunity to riff about. RantWoman is also leaving the url unadorned in case readers might find visibility useful.)

This is a GREAT Story. It is one in a series; RantWoman urges readers to check out the rest of the series on the King 5 site.

'Myth' the most severely disabled can't thrive outside institutions
Dan Peterson
Department of Social and Health Services
Mental Health Resource Manager
Developmental Disabilities Administration Region IIS
The Clinical Team - Supporting Resilient Communities

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'Myth' the most severely disabled can't thrive outside institutions
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Useful keywords: cerebral palsy, community living, multiple disabilities

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