Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thank you letter of sorts

Dear Kidmodern.com

Thank you for the nice graphical image withou any alt text which you added to RantWoman's blog.

Please consider yourself fortunate that RantWoman managed to read your exhortation to ask permission for use of your images without having to resort to her screen reader's "Convenient OCR."

Thank you also for referring RantWoman to a website where, should RantWoman want to ask permission, the only options she sees, admittedly through an out-of -date browser is a repeat of the message that RantWoman is fortunate to be able to read without having to resort to "Convenient OCR."

Rantwoman would be happy to ask permission but at the moment she has no one she can meaningfully ask permission of. May RantWoman suggest you kindly please leave a comment about how RantWoman can ask permission to use your images.

Thank you again for assistance about proper use of your images.



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